Finding the right places to buy cheap skateboards is often a pretty easy task. The main thing to avoid when you're looking to buy cheap skateboards is finding a poor quality product that isn't even worth the low price it's marked at. In this article we will look at where to buy cheap skateboards online and in stores that will give you all the bang for your limited buck, how to avoid getting a shawty product, and the pros and cons you can expect if you choose to buy cheap skateboards.

Where to buy cheap skateboards

Getting a nice new complete board is always one of the best feeling a skater can experience, especially when you know you worked hard to raise the money to buy one. But in these times we live in now where the majority of us are short on cash but still want to have the same luxuries we had before, we tend to go out of our way to seek these things. If you're a skater who's low on cash, you might be asking yourself, "where can I buy cheap skateboards?". Luckily for people like you (an me as well), we have the wonders of the internet and also the luxury of over a dozen different skate companies out there who can afford to make some of their products a little lower in price.

If you are looking to buy cheap skateboards online (which apparently you are seeing how you found this article), then you've got the right idea. While it is possible to buy skateboards for cheap in a lot of skate shops, looking on the internet is the fastest and easiest way. You have the benefit of searching through hundreds of results and comparing prices with just a click of the mouse.

Some great places to look to buy cheap skateboards online are CCS, SkateAmerica, skate company official websites, eBay, and any of the dozens of internet outlet stores that have special sections where you can buy skateboards for cheap. Some of them are blanks which mean you don't have to pay extra costs for graphic design. Others are made by lesser known companies but still know how to make quality boards. When you goto buy cheap skateboards online, CCS actually has their own blank decks that you can get for around $20-$30 a pop. There are also other companies on the internet, both stores and actual board companies, who offer similar deals.

World Industries is a reputable skate company that offer very competitive prices. If you want to buy cheap skateboards made by World Industries out in the real world they can be found in more stores (other than skate shops) like Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods, and MC Sports. World Industries, I believe may be the only major skate brand that sells their boards stores like these.

What to expect if you want to buy cheap skateboards online

The biggest negative about trying to buy cheap skateboards online is that you have no idea what the board actually feels like or how much pop it has. Once can only assume when they look where to buy cheap skateboards online whether or not the product is quality enough for their purchase.

A lot of these boards are discounted because they aren't made with the same quality and care as the more expensive ones. Your best bet is to shop around, compare the features of each product, and sometimes get a product review, whether you're looking to buy cheap skateboard decks or full completes.

Why buy cheap skateboards instead of expensive ones?

buy cheap skateboardsWith the above points mentioned, there are a plethora of durable and quality boards that are just as good as the more expensive ones with all the fancy graphics. This seems to be more common than when you buy skateboards for cheap that aren't made to be as durable as most of us desire. Sure, it's nice to have a new board with an awesome design that you just love showing off. We've all had those ones that you just don't even want to ride, you feel like it should be hung up on the wall for display because it's so awesome looking.

The problem is though, that a good portion of the time, you are paying a lot more than necessary just to have those nice designs that will wear off within weeks of being used. Having nice boards like these just make you feel way too cautious, and that's not good when you're out trying to stay focused on landing your tricks. I know sometimes I find myself going months after getting a nice new expensive board without ever attempting to boardslide anything for fear of scratching up my pretty graphics on the bottom. When you compare prices as you're looking to buy cheap skateboard decks you may notice that you can actually get two blank decks for the price of one with graphics, with all of the same dimensions and ply thickness. So if you buy cheap skateboards, you can essentially get two for the price of one, you just have to give up not having graphics.

One of the best parts when you buy cheap skateboards that are blanks, is that you can make whatever design you want on it and make it completely unique if you choose. You could even buy cheap skateboards just for the sake of painting cool designs on them and hanging them up in your garage or bedroom for display if you are a good artist. Sometimes you can buy cheap skateboards and make your own artwork on them and the re-sell them to kids at the local skate park for profit.

Now go out and buy cheap skateboards!

Now that you have some tips, hopefully they have helped you out enough for you to feel confident enough to buy cheap skateboards online or in stores and avoid getting ripped off. Check out some of those blank decks and be sure to shop around if you choose to buy cheap skateboard shoes online because that is one of the biggest benefits of the internet you need to take full advantage of. You may think you're going to buy cheap skateboards for great prices on one site, only to find out later on that there were 4 or 5 other sites offering better prices, and that's always a slap in the face. Good luck and remember than when you buy cheap skateboards you are not going to be compromising quality with the low price, only the graphics in most cases.

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