If you are looking to buy extra wide diabetic slippers for yourself or a loved one then you need to look in the right places if you want to keep your costs low.  Many diabetic supply stores sell excellent valued goods but many of those same items can be purchased at much lower prices elsewhere.

Best Place To Buy Wide Slippers For Diabetics

Exta Wide Diabetic SlippersWide diabetic slippers and various types of diabetic house shoes are sold for less almost all the time on Amazon.  Sure you can go to your local medical supply store and find a good selection of therapeutic shoes and slippers.  You even get to try them on and see which one looks best as you hold it in your hand but if you are like most people finding the best price is very important.

Slippers are generally very inexpensive; they can be purchased in any local shoe store, department store, or specialty store fro no more then $10 dollars.  Many higher end slippers can go for as high as $50 dollars but it’s really hard to find diabetic slippers for these prices without going online where many discount diabetic slippers can easily be found.

The fact of the matter is that slippers do not even have to fit as well as shoes.  Even house shoes are plush and easy to get into and out of.  The fit doesn’t have to be as perfect as an outdoor pair of shoes.  For many diabetics the only true necessity with buying slippers is finding a good price on extra wide slippers.  The width is usually very important as this is where many diabetics have problems.

Why Diabetic Shoes Tend To Be Wider

Wide Width Walking ShoesNot all diabetics have this problem but many do.  When diabetes sets in it results in a constant level of circulating blood sugar in the body which is higher than normal.  This level of blood sugar may be low enough to not pose any significant short term threat but in the long run chronically elevated blood sugar levels leads to diabetic peripheral neuropathy which is a decreased sensation in the foot – essentially the nerves at the endings of the legs and feet become somewhat insensitive to touch and pain making it very easy to injure yourself without realizing it.

In most people with normal nerve endings in the feet when a shoe starts running the skin in a certain way we unconsciously adjust so that a sore doesn’t develop.  If the foot however doesn’t feel irritation this reaction will not happen and sores, blisters, and ulcers can form.

Another major problem with diabetic feet is when blood circulation in the peripherals starts diminishing, which is very common for advanced diabetics.  This means that when injuries such as sores, blisters, and cuts occur the wounds will not heal as easily due to reduced blood flow.  This is the basic reason why wearing diabetic shoes is so important.  You want to protect your feet at all times but not encourage skin irritation or further decrease circulation.

Because many diabetics face these complications over the years wounds and stubbed toes, and cracked bones heal slower than they should and often in poor efficiency.  As a result many diabetics eventually develop foot deformities such as hammertoes which can make fitting into normal shaped foot wear difficult.  Wider shoes and slippers are necessary to fit these feet without further constricting blood circulation.

Buying Extra Wide Diabetic Slippers for Less

The Cheapest Diabetic SlippersIf you haven’t figured it out buying diabetic slippers is very important for diabetics because protecting the feet around the house is very important, in fact, it may be just as important as wearing diabetic shoes out of the house.  In the home people who walk around barefoot are far more likely to stub toes than those people are walking around outside.  If a diabetic were to stub a toe and crack it the toe may not heal for a very long time.

Similarly walking around the house barefoot can be dangerous for diabetics with wounds on their feet which are trying to heal.  If an old cut or sore on the foot is trying to heal you don’t want to expose it to dirt on the floor as this may irritate the wound and slow the healing process further.

Of course covering a foot completely makes the healing process a little tougher but that’s why slippers are great.  They are easy to remove when you are not active and very easy to put on when you need to move about the house.  If you have an extra wide pair of diabetic slippers then the process of keeping your feet protected is all that easier.

Where To Get Wide Diabetic Slippers For Less

Again, buying wide diabetic slippers can be quite expensive if you go directly to the medial supply stores.  There’s nothing wrong with going to these stores but reading through the reviews of those who have purchased the same or very similar diabetic foot wear on Amazon will paint a very telling picture.  

Many of the same or essentially identical shoes sold in traditional medical supply stores are sold on Amazon for significantly less and many people are even eligible for free shipping.  If you are pinching pennies and need a good pair of wide diabetic slippers for less then you should definitely browse through Amazon first.  You may not end up buying there but there selection and customer reviews of each product should significantly help you narrow down your shopping to find exactly what you need.

And if you really are concerned about fit then you may be able to find some good options that will fit you in a traditional store by trying them on first before buying online for less.  Some people’s diabetic shoes and slippers are covered by insurance or Medicare but if you have to pay cash then every penny of savings counts.  Your pair of extra wide diabetic slippers doesn’t have to cost you any more than the lowest price you can find them for.