Blow mold figures come in all different shapes and sizes to celebrate many common traditional widely celebrated holidays such as Christmas and Easter, as well as smaller holidays and seasons. Christmas blow molds include nativity scene figures (Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, 3 Kings, Shepards, etc.), Santa Claus, elves, snowmen and other commonly associated characters. Easter blow molds include crosses, Easter bunny characters, Easter eggs, etc. Smaller holidays like St. Patrick’s Day include Leprechaun figures and Valentines Day includes cupid and heart shaped figures. The famous pink flamingo is also a blow mold figure commonly gracing yards in the US during the summer months of the year. These different characters make a fun addition to outdoor holiday decoration or seasonal yard displays that really bring joy to children and the inner child in each of us.


These blow mold figures are very popular possibly more so than ever. This is likely in part due to the fact that they are becoming much more difficult to find. These decorations are also very durable and if taken care of properly will last for many years and decades. They do take up a little more space than other types of outdoor decorations and considering that they do not need to be replaced as often or in some cases may never need to be replaced might explain why several of the major manufacturing companies that once produced them have stopped doing so. Also, seemingly following this trend fewer large retailers stock their shelves with them.


There is one major company in particular that still produces many great blow mold figures in large quantities, this is General Foam Plastics headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia. Over the last several years, General Foam has purchased many of the blow mold forms for various holiday figures from companies (and former competitors) going out of business and have been able to expand their product line. You can either purchase blow molds that are being newly produced like these or ones that have been used and in some cases perhaps were made several decades earlier.



There are several stores you can still find to purchase new blow molds from. Large retailers located in the United States that carry these decorations inside their stores and offer through online purchase include: Kmart, Menards, Garden Ridge, Bronners Christmas Store, American Sale and other similar retailers. There are also several large retailers that offer blow molds for sale through online purchase, including the Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Walmart. There are also many other online stores that sell these various seasonal holiday blow molds.




Older blow mold decorations no longer in production can be found and purchased in antique stores, thrift shops, flea markets, and at garage sales. Online auction sites like Ebay are also great places to find these holiday and seasonal figures. You should however thoroughly inspect any blow mold prior to purchase to make sure they are of good quality. Naturally over time paint will fade somewhat and this should be expected, but avoid purchasing blow molds with cracks, holes, and damaged area. Cracks and holes can often be attributed to excessive sunlight exposure as the ultraviolet rays will cause the plastic to become cracked and brittle. Also note that some of these figures are quite scare and hard to find, so don’t be surprised to see certain ones cost a few hundred dollars or more.



These days you can find just about anything for sale and blow mold figures are no exception. With a little effort and time you can find those blow molds you are looking for your holiday or seasonal display. Happy hunting.



General Foam Blow Mold Santa
Credit: BAfriend