When your electric bill starts increasing every month it might be time to get new appliances.   The additional power consumption that caused your bill to rise could be the result of your old appliances in your home, like your refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher or stove and others that you have in your laundry room. You may have to get a qualified technician to test each appliance and determine which ones are causing the trouble.  It might just be only one appliance but the test will confirm which one is defective.

 You may recognize the symptoms of aging in these old appliances by strange and unusual noises coming from them when they start or when they shut down.  Another sign of excess power consumption is when your appliance starts and your lights dim for a second and then get back to normal brightness. This is also a sign of aging.

 Once the defective appliance is confirmed by the technician it is time to go shopping.  Major appliances are relatively expensive so it would be wise to locate the stores that have good pricing and good service warranties. You can also locate major appliance outlet stores and department stores in your area that sell new appliances but with minor scratches and dents. These blemishes are generally due to transportation of the appliances from the manufacturing plant or the warehouse to the store.  These dents and scratches are only cosmetic flaws but the appliances are really new and you get the manufacturer warranties when you purchase them.

 You can also wait for a major holiday when many stores slash their prices drastically of  30 % or more and even then you can haggle with the sales person and get an excellent price.   Sometimes it might be better to shop for your new major appliance on line. Some appliance stores offer lower pricing when you purchase items from their website.   When you find the appliance you like, take the model and serial number of the appliance, return to the store and present it to them.   They may have it in stock or you may have to wait until they can get another shipment from the manufacturer or supplier. If you are getting a big discount shopping online for your appliance then I suppose you would gladly wait for it to be delivered to your home at a later date.

 It would be wise to buy energy saving appliances which are now called green appliances and have high efficiency ratings.  They use less power and operate more quietly than the older appliances.

Once you purchase the new appliance be sure to secure your warranty documents in a safe place and observe all the safety and operational warnings. Enjoy your new major appliance and care for it like a pet!