Finding a pair of roller skates in size 15 can be really hard. I myself wear a size 15 and have had muchtrouble finding a quality pair of roller skates. Here are some of the places I have found online where you can order a pair of roller skates in size 15. Many of the websites that sell roller skates did not have a search feature where you could search for roller skates by size. A few of the websites advertised that they had roller skates in a size 15 but they were listed as "out of stock" and not able to be ordered. I will list some of the roller skates in size 15 I found. Many times when a roller skate was available in size 15 they also had mens sizes 14-16 available.

Leather Roller Skates carries around 10 models of roller skates in size 15. The models available fluctuated but they usually have at least 4 different pairs of roller skates in size 15. does have a search feature where

you can search by size but they have some skates that appear in the results as having size 15 available but when you click on the roller skate description size 15 is not available. The roller skates in size 15 that currently has are:

  • Riedell Roller Skate designed by Richard Humphrey for roller dance. This roller skate is custom built and comes with ABEC-5 bearings. For additional costs you can upgrade the bearings of this custom Riedell roller skate. ($229.99)
  • Riedell 120 B CENTURY Powell Roller Bones ($379.99) This Riedell roller skate is only $279.99 but they add on an extra $100.00 for size 15 and 16. Really? Is this difference in sizes actually a hundred dollars or are they trying to take advantage of people with large feet who have a limited choice. Either way, at $379.99 you will have a great Riedell roller skate that will last forever with care.
  • Riedell 120 DLX ($319.99)
  • Riedell 120 B CENTURY Powell Super Elite ($429.99)
  • Riedell 120 B CENTURY Powell Artistic Roller Skates ($389.99)
  • Riedell 120 B Century Exclusive ($549.99)
  • Riedell Pre-Mounted 120 boots black ($279.99) This skate comes with everything you need except the wheels.

  • Rock GT50 Speed Skate (113.25) The Rock GT50 is the only speed skate available in size 15 that is affordable by most roller skaters. The GT50 comes with ABEC-5 bearings but the upper is made of vinyl and not leather. The Rock GT50 roller skate is available in a size 15 at a few different online skate retailers. The catalog that most roller skating rinks have do not list a size 15 as being available for the Rock GT50 so you will probably have to order it online and not for your local skating rink.
  • NewSkates Leather X ($159.98) This is a full leather boot but is not designed as a speed skate. It is a great roller skate for the money but you will want to upgrade the ABEC-1 bearings right away. offers a few choices in size 15 roller skates. and are owned by the same company.

  • Your Shoes Your Roller Skates ($200.00) With this option you send in a pair of your shoes and they will make roller skates out of them. You can send them any shoe or boot you want too. You can have the only Nike Cortez roller skate at your local skating rink if you want too.
  • QuadLine Your Shoes ($250.00) turn any pair of shoes you want into a pair of Quadlines.
  • Riedell RAVEN 120 ($229.99)
  • Sure-Grip 1300 Aerobic Black or Tan suede outdoor roller skates ($166.00) This skate uses the Riedell 121 boot and can be used indoors also.
  • Riedell 120 ($229.99)
  • Riedell 120 Fitness Deluxe Motion ($399.99)
  • Riedell 120 Fitness Deluxe Motion ($239.99) Same roller skate boot as above but a different set up.
  • Riedell 120 B Krypto ($329.99)
  • Riedell 120 B CENTURY Powell Roller Bones ($379.99)
  • Riedell 120 DLX mens ($319.99)
  • Riedell 120 B CENTURY Powell Super Elite ($429.99)
  • Riedell 120 B CENTURY Powell Artistic Roller Skates ($389.99)
  • Riedell 120 Century Plate Outdoor roller skate ($379.99)
  • Riedell 120 B Century Exclusive with Chrome Trucks and Chrome Axles ($549.99)
  • Riedell Pre-Mounted 120 boots ($279.99) everything you need except the wheels and bearings.

  • Dominion 65 Bounce Outdoor roller skates ($174.95)

  • Skatetime RS-108C Rental Quad Roller Skates ($129.99)
  • Skatetime RS-108R Rental Quad Roller Skates ($139.99)
  • Dominion Super Big XXL Quad Roller Skates ($149.99) All Leather Boot!
  • 220 Century Artistic Quad Roller Skates ($299.99) ABEC-1 bearings HAVE to be upgraded if you plan on skating in these roller skates.
  • Riedell 220 Silver Medallion leather artistic boots full quad roller skates ($349.99)

  • For size 14 and 15 NetSkate wants you to give them a call.
  • Rock GT 50 speed skates ($99.00)
  • Rock GT 50 Zoom speed skates ($140.00)
  • Rock GT 50 Custom speed skates ($133.99) With the Rock GT 50 Custom you pick out your plate color, wheel colors, toe stop colors, laces color, and the color of your cushions.
  • Riedell Juice Quad Artistic and Recreational Roller Skates ($275.00)
  • Dominion Quad Recreational Artistic Skate Boot ($75.00) Just the boot
  • Pacer SuperX Aerobic Quad Outdoor Roller Skates ($174.99)
  • Pacer SuperX Plus Artistic and Recreational Roller Skates ($170.99)
  • Pacer SX Bones Elite Quad Recreational Skates ($217.99)
  • Riedell Raven Quad Artistic Roller Skates ($269.99)

When you get serious and want a complete custom roller skate then Create-A-Skate is the place for you. They offer some great options for customizing your own size 15 roller skate. You can also upgrade the bearings on any roller skate you purchase.

  • Dominion 65 Large Sized Outdoor Roller Skates
  • Dominion Large Sized Indoor Roller Skates
  • Riedell Juicy Rhythm 120
  • Riedell Speed Skate 7712
  • Riedell Create-A-Skate Speed Skate- With this model you choose everything from the Riedell boot model to the colors of the boot as well as the bearings, trucks and everything else. This is expensive but it is designed for roller skaters with large sized feet who want to completely design there own Riedell roller skate.
  • Riedell 120 Create-A-Skate
  • Riedell Raven Roller Skates
  • Your Shoes Your Skates
  • Rock GT 50

Other Options For Size 15 Roller Skates

Riedell offers a custom fit boot made to your specifications. One of the places you can get a custom Riedell boot made to your specs is at They offer custom fitting and will design the Riedell skate boots to meet what ever you desire and want in a skate boot. The custom Riedell skate boots are $599.00. You will then have to buy all of your roller skate components such as wheels, bearings, trucks, and toe stops. If you can afford this option then you will have a truly custom quad roller skate that will be not only unique but will fit your large sized foot perfectly.

As the average foot size increases each year then more manufacturers will start producing quality roller skates in size 15. Until then you are limited to the roller skates listed in this article. If you are aware of any roller skates available in a size 15 that are not listed here or know of a retailer that sells skates in size 15 then leave a comment and let me know where to find them.

Roller skating is a fun and healthy activity and when you have a pair of quality roller skates that fits your large sized foot you will have even more fun. Cramped toes are no fun and can make skating dangerous.