Where To Buy Nitro Fuel for RC Cars

Fuel Sources for Nitro Radio Controlled Cars

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If you're lucky enough to own a nitro powered radio controlled car, or if you're investigating them as a potential purchase, you know that they run on a specialized fuel. Obviously finding fuel for these vehicles isn't as easy as visiting the local gas station. There are a few specific sources of fuel for nitro radio controlled cars, and all are quite easy and convenient.

This article will talk about a few easy and straightforward sources of fuel for your nitro powered RC car. We'll talk about ways you can obtain them both locally and online, and even touch on how to make your own fuel, if you're DIY inclined! We'll touch on price and availability, and present you with a few convenient options.

Let's get started!

A Brief Description of Nitro Fuel for RC Cars:

Where To Buy Nitro Fuel for RC Cars

Before we talk about potential sources of nitro fuel for RC cars, it's important to talk about what makes up nitro fuel for RC cars so you understand the storage, filling and transportation issues involved. Nitro fuel for radio controlled cars is typically not just nitromethane, it contains a mixture of various components. It's typically a methane-based fuel with nitromethane and oil added in. The oil is used for lubrication purposes. Methanol is really just another word for alcohol. 

Nitro fuel RC cars cannot use other types of fuel. The engine and the plugs are specialized for the purpose of running the stuff, and they utilize glow plugs, not spark plugs as you find in gasoline engines (this is an easy way to tell the two apart). 

Nitro fuel for RC cars generally comes in jugs or cans, and is readily available from a variety of sources. As it's methanol based, it's pretty flammable, so care must be taken with storage, purchase and transportation. 

RC car nitro fuel can also go bad. It has a lifespan simply because the methanol can break down and become contaminated with water. This will result in poor performance, poor idle, bogging down under acceleration, or inability to start the vehicle whatsoever. 

Sources of Fuel for Nitro Radio Controlled Cars:

Where To Buy Nitro Fuel for RC Cars

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There are a few common sources of nitro fuel for radio controlled cars, and I'll list them here for your convenience:

Hobby Shops:

As they are the best source for nitro RC cars, parts and service, hobby shops are also the best place to get the proper fuel for your vehicle. Since they understand the inner workings of RC cars and trucks better than almost anyone barring the manufacturer, they'll be able to recommend the proper fuel for your particular model. Also, any fuel you purchase from them will have been properly stored and in good condition.

The only downside of local hobby shops is the fact that they tend to be a bit more expensive than other sources. Specialty shops usually have to add a fair amount of markup on their products, so you can expect to pay a premium when buying nitro RC car fuel from them. However, it can be a nice thing to support a local business, and it's probably the safest bet. 

There is one other issue with hobby shops for buying nitro rc car fuel, in that they are rare. If you're in a smaller city or a rural area, finding a local shop carrying nitro rc equipment and supplies might be a real challenge. 


There are a suprisingly large number of options for buying nitro rc car fuel online. Typically it's best if you purchase your nitro fuel in larger quantities because the cost of shipping can be quite prohibitive. However, since 4 gallons of the stuff will last you for at least half a year (if properly stored), it can be a great way to go. 

The downside of buying online is that quality control can be an issue. You have no idea how or for how long the fuel has been stored, and if it turns out to be low quality it can be a pain getting reimbursed. When looking for where to buy nitro fuel for RC cars online, I suggest checking out established 'brick and mortar' shops that also have an online presence. 

You might want to consider A Main Hobbies for buying nitro RC car fuel online. There are other reputable shops out there too.

Here is a link to nitro RC fuel online for a very reasonable price. (listed for a gallon of 20% nitromethane fuel). 

Make Your Own:

If you're brave, and you're not interested in learning where to buy nitro rc car fuel but rather mix it together yourself, you can make your own fuel. This is very risky and not highly recommended. Nitro fueled RC cars operate on different fuel grades depending on the size of the engine, and the mixtures are quite different. However, it is possible to mix the methanol, nitromethane and oil in proper proportions, and you'll likely realize some savings for doing it yourself. 

I won't get into doing this in this article, it's better to do further research and talk to a few experts before attempting it. 

Good Luck!