When I first learned about this company I immediately started wondering where to buy Redback boots in person. These things were touted by Firefighters, Police Officers, & Paramedics all over as one of the best options for work because of their extreme comfort and durability and their relatively low price.

I’ve always been wary however of buying any kind of footwear online because it’s so hard to get the fit right without dealing with returns. Yes the main website is an obvious option but for actually going to the store to try them on and bring them home it’s not exactly for me.

First of all Redback work boots are amazing. They have different types of boots ranging from slip on styles to low cut shoes to those designed to protect the feet against molten metals frequently used in smelting and foundry. Not only do professional fire, rescue, and farm workers wear these but so to do outdoor recreationalists.

About Redback Boot Company

Redback is a family owned company originally from Australia. They are based out of Sydney have been in the business of hand making high-end boots for specific professional industries since 1989. They are among the few companies that do not outsource semi-finished products for delivery to their main factory and boot making has run in their family for four generations.

Not long after they started operations they branched out into international export, shipping their product to the likes of the UK, the USA, and other major international markets. In the US their primary location is in Escondido, a suburb of San Diego, CA. In addition to this distribution center their USA operations also sell their products on their main website which provides a huge amount of information on every boot carried and sold.

Where To Buy Redback Boots In Person

Within the domestic boarders of Australia many retailers carry Redbacks in stock. Blue Heeler for instance is based out of Brisbane, while Melbourne Farm Supply is another option for both online and in store product sales. Additional retailers can be found in most other major cities such as Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide just to name a few.

In the US physical locations are abundant as are online options such as Amazon or even eBay. Unfortunately however neither their US or Aussie websites includes a store locator so it often requires a bit of detective work and maybe a working knowledge of search operators.

For instance in the Los Angeles area Work Boot Warehouse is one retailer that has four area locations sprinkled throughout the urban area. Most other major US cities have similar stores; walk into a shop if you care to do a little digging.

Do You Need To Try Them On First?

Of course all this presupposes that you need to try them on first. In many cases boot socks, custom inserts, and reliable sizing options make it easier to ever buy a pair of Redback boots based on size information and style alone. Because these products are made from hand in the Sydney factory, from the leather uppers to the rubber soles, you can usually count on these boots to fit just right.

The steel toe safety boots are designed with the utmost care to protection and quality and the industry specific boots such as the Rescue Boot or the Furnace Boot offer unparalleled protection against extreme temperatures, oil, acid, and even water. Their slip-ons look great even if you’re not on the job.

Where's The Best Place To Make A Purchase

In my opinion the best place to buy Redback Boots is on eBay although you never know what seller is going to be troublesome. The main website doesn’t have a generous return policy outside of manufacturer defect. They don’t accept returns if the boots show any wear and in many cases I find it hard to recognize defects until after you’ve been wearing them for some time.

Considering the return policy I would look for the cheapest products possible. I’d look for small specialty stockists that offer discounts on older models or coupon codes for orders of certain sizes. Most online shops will at some point offer a periodic sale that may be hard to match in your immediate area.

Read the reviews of the boots you are considering buying. The typical Redback boots review will probably tout the company fantastic but won’t specifically address any one particular shoe. If for instance you want to get a good hiking boot then you don’t want to read reviews on their low-cut casual shoes. Although both are likely great they are going to perform quite differently.

You may also want to compare their popular slip-ons to those made by Blundstone, another very popular Australian footwear company. Blundstones in many ways look a lot like Redbacks and perform very well just the same but they are a bit cheaper overall.

How To Find Them For Less

If you are dedicated to buying a nice pair of Redbacks then by far and away the best place to find a low price is to shop with eBay. Brand new styles are abundant even with the box and prices tend to be almost a third lower than you’ll find in retail stores. I’ve even seen some lower cost models sell for less than $50 which is a steal for this level of quality.

The problem with shopping on eBay is that it can be hard to find specific styles in your exact size. For those with less common size feet the difficulty can be even worse. For better variety Amazon has most models in most sizes and prices tend to be around 5-10% lower than prices quoted on the main Redback website.

One other option that I came across is to place your orders with The Tool Warehouse. They don’t have the variety that some of the larger stores have but for some reason the products they do have seem to be quite a bit lower than retail. They drastically undercut Amazon and the main website. Of course your mileage may vary as prices change all the time.

One final thought is to reconsider your method of purchase all together. Many retailers operate under agreements with cash back rebate websites like Ebates, BigCrumbs, or FatWallet. Simply buy using these shopping portals you can score cash back on anything you buy so even if the price is near retail you can still get a bottom line steal just by shopping smarter.