Looking to buy the best silver wedge shoes for women? There are countless options available as demonstrated by the endless supply of silver wedge shoes lining the shelves of your local discount shoe store and the countless online cheap and designer shoe retailers. So how do you choose the right wedge shoe and how do you know that you're getting the right price.

Silver Wedge Shoes Wedding Style

Nina Silver Wedge Wedding SandalsIf you are really looking to buy the cheapest silver wedge shoes then you have to steer clear of anything that remotely resembles wedding. Wedding products are always marked up as brides tend to pay just about anything for their weddings and regardless if you are shopping for silver wedge wedding shoes or silver wedge evening shoes these styles will almost always be over priced, especially in the late spring as wedding season is looming.

If you want to get the best deal on silver wedge shoes, UK and American designs abound and are easy to find in department stores and discount shoe warehouse stores so long as you stay away from peak season. Additionally you can do your shopping online and find plenty of silver wedge women's shoes in second hand stores and on eBay. It always pays to shop around.

Designer Wedge Shoes

Michael Kors Casual High Wedge SandalsIf you are not quite as price sensitive you can opt for going straight for the designer products. Designer shoes will always command a higher price no matter where you buy them. They could be retail price or purchased for a deep discount used in a thrift store and they will always be sold at a higher price. Even in used and thrift stores designer shoes are respected for their label and for their quality.

That being said, the quality of designer shoes will usually be far higher and the fit will likely be better. If you have sensitive feet designer shoes which you have tried on and tested previously may be the way to go. Nina silver wedge shoes are a good option for the uninformed as are wedge shoes by Michael Kors and Saugas.

Dressy Silver Wedge Shoes

Nina Calinda Silver Platform Wedge SandalShopping for designer shoes will inevitably lead you into formal territory. Designer women's wedge shoes are almost always dressy and as a result they are likely not going to be worn as much as every day casual wedge heels. Wedge heeled shoes are typically build to have a larger cork heel which makes the shoe more comfortable to wear and walk in. It's fine to buy designer dressy wedge heels but make sure to also get your hands on more versatile casual shoes.

If you go dressy however make sure to get a designer that you are familiar with. Again Michael Kors is well known and respected if you are familiar with his line of women's shoes stick with it. If you are shopping online for dressy shoes for women or girls make sure to take a run to a store to try them on first. Every designer will fit a bit differently and you want to know your shoes will fit good before you make a purchase.

Cheap Silver Wedge Shoes For Ladies

Cheap Silver Wedge Flip FlopsWhen you've finally decided to start shopping for cheap wedge shoes you should know that the cheapest shopping for virtually any products happens online. Shoes are no different. With the vast variety of shoe stores online you have to have an idea of how different brands fit and how their sizes relate to your feet. Any time you are going to be shopping for cheap ladies wedge heels, closed toe or open toe, strap or sandal, you need to know how the design and brand of shoe relates to your foot.

You can start to figure this out by heading over to your local shoe outlet store and trying on different brands. Make sure to stay within a single brand to get to know who they fit your feet. Once you identify the differences between brands then you can start to shop online and be more comfortable with the way the shoes are likely to fit your feet. There will be a huge amount of variety available online so you want to eliminate as many variables as possible. And if all else fails you can always head over to your local clothing exchange store or thrift shop and see what gems may be lurking because used shoes will always be the cheapest.

No matter what you do however remember that silver wedge shoes for wedding will always be more expensive. Make sure to at least shop for wedding wedge heels if only to understand what they look like and to identify them in comparison to other types of silver wedge heels. If you want this style at least you'll know what you are getting into but know this information may be able to save you substantial money without taking any additional steps. Get to know what designer labels should cost and get to know what specialty shoes should cost and you should be a much Better shopper.