Order Spanx Bras, Panties and Spanx Body Shapers Online

Spanx Shapewear has become one of the most popular brands in women's shapewear and has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. Like many women, I wondered where I could order Spanx because I didn't see it in any of my local department stores. In my experience, it is easiest to buy Spanx online where you can choose any style or piece that you want from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Gone are the days where I look left, look right and sneak into a fitting room to struggle with shapewear before breathlessly emerging from the fitting room looking agitated. Now, I can order Spanx online quickly and easily.

Spanx has their own website where clothing can easily be ordered. However, I personally prefer to order Spanx from other outlets online for a couple of reasons. One, it is not unusual to find some great deals and sales on Spanx at other online stores. Two, I love reading Spanx reviews so that I can learn about other women's experiences with the shapewear prior to purchasing. Reading reviews about Spanx can help me weed out some of the shapewear that might not work well for my body type, and help guide me towards shapewear that will help me look my best.

Spanx Skinny Britches Collection, Original Power Collection And More

Spanx has six different collections to choose from- they all have their own special features. One of my favorites is the Skinny Britches collection, which includes a variety of shapers in a rainbow of colors. This collection works well for my lower body, especially my thighs and butt and helps give me a thin(ner) look. No, I don't look like I dropped fifty pounds overnight, but it does make me a few sizes smaller which does wonders for my self esteem. The Original Power Collection is a collection of hoisery and sheer stockings to wear with your work attire. It has great control top built in panties and compression hoisery to make your legs look as thin and lean as possible. The Power Collection is long lasting and is what helped launch Spanx into the successful shapewear company it has become today.

Finding Discount Spanx

Spanx may not be the cheapest, but anyone who has tried this brand of shape wear knows that you get what you pay for and the results are always fabulous. It's almost like buying yourself a generic bra (come on, we've all done it once, haven't we?), when you first try it, it looks great. After a few hours, you quickly realize why you tend to stay away from generic bras: They always seem to let you down (no pun intended).

I have found some great deals on Spanx online and always feel comfortable with my purchase, especially after reading reviews on the product. The final benefit that I get from being able to buy Spanx online is the huge selection available. I look forward to trying the Spanx swimwear that is now available this summer- I'll definitely post an update and let you know the results!