Vancouver Canuck fans show the colors

Canuck Nation in force

The Vancouver Canucks have operated for more than 40 years in the National Hockey League. During that time, several team jerseys have been produced for various purposes. Fans have shown their support for the team by wearing authentic jerseys to the games while they cheer on the players. Each fan has their own favorite jersey style but everyone can use the same sources when shopping for a Vancouver Canuck item.

The original team jersey displayed the original straight hockey stick in white on a contrasting dark blue background. This jersey was used from 1970 to 1978 and was fairly popular at the time. Revived in 2003 in a stylized form, the jersey remains popular and is widely available.

After the hockey stick, the team issued the infamous "V" made of garish stripes of black, yellow and gold down the front of the players. This design was very unpopular and was ridiculed at the time. The jersey is generally not available except for specialty sellers. Even there, it tends to be rare but also seldom desired.

The next jersey used the Canuck skate or "Flying Skate". This logo was gold, red and black and was in use during the team's first push into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The jersey was, and is, very popular with fans. Many stars of the Vancouver Canucks including Pavel Bure, Kirk McLean and Trevor Linden wore this jersey while playing for Vancouver.

The team logo now on the authentic jerseys is the Orca design. Showing a stylized Orca whale breaking out of a letter "C", the design has been very popular with fans since it was introduced. Many fans acquire their jerseys with the names and number of the current stars of the Vancouver Canucks including Henrik Sedin, Roberto Luongo and Ryan Kesler. A scan through the crowd attending most any Vancouver Canuck game will show many fans wearing modern jerseys with the names of many of the current players, not just the stars.

In order to wear a Vancouver Canuck team jersey, a fan has to purchase one. There are many retail channels that can be used when such an item is sought. There is the usual used market with outlets such as Craigslist, eBay or the local newspaper. There is also the official team store of the Vancouver Canucks and the Shop NHL online sales Internet site. The official Canuck and NHL sites offer fans the option to obtain new jerseys with customizations. Any name or number can be ordered for the jersey. Those purchasing in the used market have fewer options and more risk.

If a purchase from an online auction or used site it considered, extreme caution should be used. Of course, the need for security is paramount. Never agree to meet sellers along in unfamiliar locations. Cash is usually involved and there is usually no guarantee of authenticity or legality of the transaction. Face to face transactions of this nature are especially risky and are generally not recommended.

Using the auction services of eBay is a safer method when a used jersey is desired. The online auction model removes the face to face aspect of such deals which increases security for the buyer. The entire procedure is conducted using the mail system and the buyer's money is not at risk. When buying anything from an unknown seller, be sure to protect yourself completely.

The best way to buy Vancouver Canuck jerseys is to use the team store and the Shop NHL online service. The quality and options available to fans can't be beat. When your new purchase arrives, you'll know that you have the best item and you can support the team, with pride, by wearing the authentic gear.