If you have decided that this is the year to get fit, and want to start running, then you have picked a great way to burn calories, lose weight, make you more flexible, and lift your mood. But if you don't wear the right running gear, you may just quit before you even get started. Nothing worse than feeling overheated and overly sweaty and sore feet. That is what puts many people off. You have to start slowly, a bit at a time, and wear the right gear.

Wearing the right running gear can get expensive. Between the clothes, and the good running shoes, it can add up. If you are on a limited budget, but want to get started. The one thing you should not cheap out on too much is the running shoes. You can save money on the clothing part of your running gear, but don't cheap out on the shoes. This does not mean you have to pay the moon, just get a good quality brand.

Cheap Running Gear - Garage Sales - Sometimes if you are lucky you will find some running gear here such as the pants, shorts, jackets etc, as many people do give up on running but bought all the expensive gear to get started with. This can be a good way to get cheap running gear.

But online is probably your best bet for finding good brands and comparing prices.

Cheap Running Gear - Once you get your gear, and start running, you will find out very quickly, that dressing in layers is the best, wear a shirt and then a jacket overtop, you can then take off your jacket and tie it around your waist if you get warm. The last thing you want is to get overheated. Don't forget your water too.

Next, if you really do get into running, don't forget to replace your running shoes each year if you can. Some experts say you can run 500 miles on a good pair of running shoes, If you run about 10 miles a week, that is about once a year, if you run more than that, then you should replace them more often.

With the internet as an additional tool, you don't have to spend top dollar to get into running. Just do some surfing and get some idea of a good price, so that if you do walk into a sporting goods store, you know what you are looking for and what price.

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Where to find Cheap Running Gear - Remember, cheap in price but not in quality. If you want to find good running shoes to start your exercise program, then you have to make sure and get running shoes that are specifically designed for running or jogging, and not walking shoes. Make sure if you head into a sporting goods store, you tell them that. Some shoes are just designed more for running. Remember you can walk and run in specially designed running shoes, but you can't run in walking shoes!

If you shop online, pay attention to brand names, and any return policies. When it comes to the rest of your running gear, try and stay away from plain cotton. You may be surprised at this, but when you get running, you will sweat and cotton absorbs the sweat but keeps it close to your skin, which you don't want, you don't want everything sticking to you..

There are special fabrics created for running gear, that help to wick the moisture away from your skin, keeping your more comfortable, but the catch is, they will cost you more. So, if you would like to outfit yourself with the proper materials in your running gear, and would like to get the best price that you can, then here are a few places you can do some research, or go shopping.

Also, don't forget to get yourself some new socks as well. Get rid of those old tube socks or tennis socks, these should be specialty ones designed for running too, to keep your feet from feeling wet. Plus, if you are a girl, don't forget to invest in a good sports bra. This way you are more likely to stick to your running program without bouncing and pain.

Cheap Running Gear - Overstock. Overstock.com is a great place to get deals. These are name brands, with tons of categories, and they have lots to choose from under "sports wear" and "running shoes". They also carry all other sports clothes, such as yoga and equipment. You can get really good prices here for name brand quality, but the downside to this site, is that if you don't order right away, it could be gone tomorrow. Sometimes they have a lot of items, and then the next day they are sold out. Check out their bargains too.

Cheap Running Gear - Amazon running gear Once again, cheap, meaning low in price for good quality. There is a lot to choose from on Amazon, and they quite often have free delivery if you spend enough, so take a look at them, if you are trying to find a good price on your running gear. You can also get headphones for your running to keep you motivated.

Cheap Running Gear - Ebay - On this site, you can get some deals too, you just need to really look and make sure the description is for new or hardly worn, in which case you should get a good deal. On this site, you can go by a sellers feedback to see what type of reputation they have as a seller, but you will need to pay with Paypal as most of the sellers are private, but you do get some commercial stores selling on Ebay.

Free Classifieds from USfreeads! - This is a great place to look as well, as not only do private people list and sell on this free site, but so do some business, so this would also be a great place to check out for cheap running gear. Many times you get people wanting to try running, that give up fast, and still have the running gear. Such as expensive jackets, pant and shorts for example. These are things you will need especially if you run in the bad weather or cold weather.