Want to know where to find cheap Velcro shoes? It's actually not as hard to find cheap Velcro shoes as you might think, especially now that many shoe makers have reintroduced Velcro shoes back into their lineups. Not too long ago, manufacturers really only catered Velcro shoe lines to young children and elderly and disabled persons, but times have certainly changed. Thanks in part to the sudden popularity of "casual" clothing (such as worn out jeans, plaid shirts, mesh hats and messy hair styles), Velcro shoes have made a comeback in a big way.

Even high-fashion lines that once only scoffed at Velcro shoes have reversed course and now offer Velcro straps on many of their current shoe offerings. Of course these aren't your typical cheap Velcro shoes, these are high-quality and high-priced products that are usually made of leather and other expensive materials and are only available at high-end retailers.

Chances are, you're not interested in pricey, fashionista shoes. At least not if you're reading this article, anyway. You want to know where to find cheap Velcro shoes. I completely understand, and the only reason I brought up the whole "fashion" part was to demonstrate that Velcro shoes are making a fashion comeback. And while you're probably not interested in dropping a couple hundred dollars on a pair of Velcro kicks, the high fashion world seems to drive the economy fashion styles. And now that high society has re-embraced Velcro footwear, many budget Velcro shoes have hit the market as a result.

Cheap Velcro Shoes

I've done plenty of research on this history of Velcro shoes, but I can't quite put my finger on where they come from. Some sources say shoemakers initially created them for young children who were unable to tie their own shoes yet, while others say they were developed to help the elderly and adults with illnesses and disabilities who were unable to bend down and tend to their feet. I supposed it doesn't really matter why they were invented, but the point is that the shoes were eventually introduced to the general market, and enjoyed some decent sales success in the 1970s and 1980s, but the popularity waned soon after, leaving the original markets the only ones still interested in Velcro shoes.

Thanks to the sudden upswing of casual clothes and the social trend of retro stylings, Velcro shoes have returned to the mainstream markets. Regardless of if you like Velcro shoes for the style appeal, comfort or the simply fact that you don't have to tie your shoes, it is now easier than ever to find cheap Velcro shoes, if you know where to look. That's where I come in. I've been wearing Velcro shoes for several years; in fact I'm wearing a pair as I write this article. And I'm a healthy young adult, just so you know.

Where To Find Cheap Velcro Shoes Near You

Wal-Mart. Is there anything that Wal-Mart doesn't carry? The pair of Velcro shoes I'm wearing right now are from Wal-Mart, and I think I paid about $10 for them. They've lasted three years, and while they are showing signs of age and heavy use, they are holding up better than many of my more expensive shoes - and I've probably worn these Velcro shoes more than I've worn the others. In terms of footwear, it was probably the best $12 I've ever spent. They're comfortable, durable and have a distinctive look to them. Last time I checked, I think the price has increased a whopping $3 to about $15 - which is still an incredible deal if you ask me.

Payless Shoes. Payless markets itself as the premier discount shoe store, so it's only natural that they have some killer deals. I don't venture into Payless too often, but the last time I was there I did notice several velcro shoe offerings in men's, women's, boys and girls. These aren't the prettiest velcro shoes you'll find, but in all fairness, are velcro shoes really supposed to look pretty? If I remember correctly, the Velcro shoes at Payless were priced under $20. And the store often runs that "Buy one pair, get a second at half price" special, which could bring the price down even further.

Discount Stores. Places like Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx and Big Lots often have some killer deals on Velcro shoes. These kinds of stores usually sell items at prices lower than department and clothing stores, which means you can often find some great prices on products that normally cost much more. These kinds of stores are especially helpful if you want brand name Velcro shoes, but don't want to pay brand name prices. The drawback to these places is that their inventory always changes, and you'll never know what they've got on hand - so you'll need to shop them frequently to see if they have Velcro shoes in your price range, or if they even have them at all.

Where To Find Cheap Velcro Shoes Online

Amazon.com. Amazon is kind of like the Wal-Mart of the online world, and seems to have anything and everything, including Velcro shoes. Their selection is huge, and their products range from Velcro Shoes Under $30 to high-fashion Velcro shoes that cost well over $100 (sometimes even more than $200). You probably won't find a better variety than Amazon, and you'll be even harder pressed to find better prices - at least when you compare the same brands to other retailers, both online and offline.

Zappos.com. Zappos is a huge online shoe retailer, and has a huge selection of Velcro shoes, though most of them aren't necessarily cheap (prices start at about $65 and go up). But the company does run some crazy specials from time to time, often slashing prices by 50 percent or more. So it might be worth your time to see what they've got on sale. Otherwise, you probably won't find very many cheap Velcro shoes at Zappos - though you probably will find some good deals on brand name Velcro shoes, should you decide to go that route.

Nextag.com. Nextag almost always has a good deal or two, providing you don't mind wading through an endless array of search results any time you shop. As of the time I wrote this article, most of the velcro shoes started near the $60 price point, but there were two or three pairs for less than $40.

Wear Your Velcro Shoes Proudly!

Once you know where to find cheap Velcro shoes, you'll proudly enter the select few who proudly wear Velcro footwear. Believe me, there aren't many people who seek out Velcro shoes, let alone cheap ones that don't carry big, expensive brand name labels. Even though you might be searching for these because of budget constraints, take comfort in knowing that some of us absolutely love these kinds of shoes; heck, I'd wear them even if I made a million dollars per year!

So look around and find out where to find cheap Velcro shoes that fit your tastes, style and budget.