If you have taken a liking to nail art, and are looking to get inspired with some really cool designs to do freehand, then you can check out these sites for great ideas. You can create all of your art the same on each nail, or you could create freehand works of art.

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Salon Designs


This type of art is a great conversation starter, and if you find you are good at this, you just may be able to make some extra money creating cool freehand fingernail art for your friends! This would also make a great gift certificate for a present for birthdays or Christmas. If you enjoy this, then who wouldn't want a nice manicure as a gift?

If you want to get some freehand  design ideas, then check out these online galleries to get inspired.


This is a online magazine totally dedicated to nails, and designs you can do. It contains a great gallery, with many pictures of everything from simple designs to more complicated ones, depending on your steady hand and patience!

You can click on any pictures and you will be taken to a step by step page on just how this cool design was created. You could try that design yourself, and then maybe add something else to it, to make it your own design. Maybe you will create your own "signature" fingernail design to show off! Nails are a great way to show off your artistic talent, as everyone will notice your hands.  Many women talk with their hands!



This is another great freehand gallery with more cool designs to check out. It is full of great ideas, for super long nails down to short and even toe art. Looking at other great freehand designs is a great way to get inspired. You could draw yours out on paper first, and even color it in with colored pencils to get a good idea of how it would work on fingernails, whether fake or your own.


This site has more choices as well, it also has some videos and interactive media to help you with freehand ideas, and tools to use.

There are many other places you can check out cool nail art designs, but it is really nice to find sites that will show you step by step just how to create some great designs. You can then take these steps and try them yourself. One of the hints the sites have, is to have toothpicks on hand for those tiny lines.

If this is your first time dabbling with this, then maybe stick to simple designs first, such as rainbows and water melons. The water melons are really cute. You basically take green polish and paint a half circle at the base of your nail (for the rind) and then water melon pink/red color for the rest of the nail, and then black dots for the seeds. Simple freehand is just as stunning as the complicated and more intricate ones.

Just remember to keep applying top coats to keep your cool nail designs from chipping and to be able to wear this nail art design for as long as you want. But once they do start to chip off, start getting ready for your next nail masterpiece. Maybe even take a picture of your great design as these are original and unique freehand designs just like art on canvas is. Your canvas just happens to be yours or someone else's nails!

Every time you create a great work of art on someone's nails or your own, take a good picture and then put it in an album. This way you can refer back to a particular design you liked and do this again.   Use a good digital cameral so you can pick up detail.  

You could also add any interesting designs to one of the above sites, as they have galleries for you to add your own designs to show off. Also see Where to buy Konad Nail Art Stamping Kits and Konad Nail Art Review