Meetup groups

One easy way to find new friends is to look up events on This is a website that was created just for people to get together to do things they are both interested in. The website is pretty much self explanatory; you go search for what you like and you do it with the people that like it. It's that simple. At sign-up, you will be required to give you're email address and the basic info. As for join groups in the meetup venue you might have to wait for the administrator of the group to approve you. You might have to do specific searches to narrow down what you want. For example, you might want to try to search for a soccer league if you want to find people who are into that sort of thing. Once signed up, you can choose which events you can go to and comment on the ones you've been. It's quite a effective system once you get the hang of it.
However, word of warning, there are many drawbacks to meetup. Some of the people you meet may not be to your liking; people you might feel should be don't have the proper social skills to have a candid conversation. No one shows up at the meetup; to avoid this go to meetups that have a lot of recurring meetings. Depending on the city, there might not be enough meetups that you want to go to, so try to make friends at the meetups you like to go to and see if you can go to coffee/lunch/drinks/dinner with them after

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Creating events

Creating your own events is also another way to find new friends. Whether it be birthday parties, potluck dinners or going to a live concert these events can be used to gather people of like mindedness. The first step is to decide on what type of event you want to hold; this is usually the toughest step because one has to take into consideration whether or not there is enough interest to attend your event. Asking your friends and acquaintances directly is probably the best way to find out if your idea is a good one. Use common interests to gauge the interest level. Keeping it cheap will also help with the attendance, but try to turn the focus more to value (eg. maybe charge a higher cost for a drink ticket).
Once you figured out what type of theme of your event you'll have to decide on a location as well. Find a location that is central to all everyone helps with the attendance because a location that's hard to get too will discourage people from attending your event. A location that is free or relatively cheap will also help the attendance rate as well because less people will think about their wallets. 
The length of the event is also a consideration because people will only stay as long as they want to. Make an event, depending on what it is, about an hour long will usually suffice.


The third way to make friends is through organizations. Just like meetup, there are pre-planned events at organizations like Toastmasters where you are encouraged to participate in speeches. While you are there you are able to meet other people of like interests by observing their talks. Interesting way to meet people because you both participate in an activity that draws out something in everybody.
So those are the three many ways to make new friends so enjoy!