Recently, I found myself in a situation where I needed some furniture, and I needed it quickly. The problem was that I lacked money. I had some money, but it did not amount too much. The solution to this problem was simple. I had to find enough used furniture to get me through this tough situation.

After I had decided I was going to purchase some used furniture, the next question was, where was I going to find it? The answer came to me as a process.

The first place I looked was the classified advertisements in the local newspaper. I found the selection to be less than stellar. Then I tried EBay. I didn't like what I found there because none of the articles that interested me were local. Craigslist was a little better because it has a more local focus.

What I needed was a place that specialized in local used furniture. The answer became clear with a little thought. A quick search on proved to be very useful. I will give you a quick example of how this works. Lets say that you live in Rockford, IL.

The first time I did the search I typed in used furniture in Rockford, IL. The search brought back 10 results. After looking through the results, I immediately threw out the result I received that was in Elkhorn, Ws, which is 70 miles away. I also threw out the result of Ashley Furniture.  I wished that I could have afforded to shop there.

This left a total of 8 results for me to investigate. When I looked into these results I discovered that I had found several used furniture retailers. There were a total of 4 of them in the local area. When I investigated these stores, I found that they filled in the gaps nicely. I found everything there that I could not find on craigslist. I even found some nice furniture that filled my empty spaces nicely.   I managed to purchase them all on my tight budget as well. I was very happy that I had found these stores because I had become tired of living in an apartment that was empty.

I included this story in this article because it can be applied to any city, no matter where you live. The process is simple, you just enter your city where I put Rockford, IL. So the search goes like this:

1) Go to

2) Type in the search window; used furniture (insert your city and state here)

3) Take out the results that are either too far away to be practical or the ones that only sell new furniture.

Quality used furniture is available in your area. It is also affordable, even on a tight budget. It takes a little searching, but with a minimum of effort, you can also find quality used furniture that is also affordable. I hope that this article has helped you in your search for affordable, quality used furniture.