So, picture this, it is raining hard and it is cold, and you are heading home, and as you turn the corner, you push that button in your car to open the door. But when you fly into the driveway, you see that it did not open. So, now you are wondering as you run in the house where you can get Stanley Garage Door Opener Parts to repair yours.

Yours is older, and you have never had any problems with it until now. Maybe you just need a new transmitter? Start with the simple steps first, then you may need to dig deeper. But instead of running all over town, why not jump onto the internet and see if you can find some parts online.  Start by looking up your make and model number followed with the word parts.

This is a great way to compare prices. Get as much information off of your opener and then here are a few sites you can check out for replacement parts for your opener.

You can start with the obvious, being a Stanley site at and armed with your model number or serial number you may be able to find some replacement parts for your  opener. - This site sells all kinds of door opener parts and anything else your door might need. So, if you know what is wrong with your opener, then it is just a matter of looking up the parts. - This site also sells parts for all makes and models of garage doors. If you are handy and you know what you need, then you can check here as well.

Amazon - This site will sell some of the Stanley items, such as the transmitter or the Stanley Door Remote, if yours needs replacing for a good price.

stanley garage door opener remote

So, if nothing else is wrong, then you should be able to buy Stanley door parts online or at a dealer, if you have one in the area.

This is a good product, and can usually be repaired unless it is very old or in bad shape. Sometimes you just inherit these when you purchase a older house, and may not even know how old it is. If you can get to it, and find as much information on it as you can, then shopping for parts is not too hard. Or maybe it is time to treat yourself to a new one!

A relative of mine owned a Stanley, and she had left something leaning against the door, that stopped the door from opening. She thought it needed repair, and called a repair person, only to find out something was in the way of the track. The machine stopped instead of overheating, since the door was not moving easily. The repair tech also told her to lube the tracks of the garage door, as rust and dirt can build up and if it gets more difficult to open this can burn out your machine.

So, make sure your door and accessories are in good shape, and that you are not replacing Stanley door opener parts too often.

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Stanley 1082 Garage Door Remote Transmitter
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