Trucks are very expensive, but purchasing pre-owned Chevrolet trucks is a great way to find a Chevy truck for less. Most times Chevy trucks are used for government programs and when these trucks reach a particular mileage or age, they're auctioned off through government auctions. This can be a splendid way to get a pre-owned Chevy truck.

You'll find the smaller pre-owned S-10, the heavy duty 3/4 ton Chevy truck, and you'll also find 4x4 trucks that are pre-owned and in great shape if you don't mind a vehicle that has a slight use on it. Chevy trucks have been well-known to last for 100's of thousands of miles so you shouldn't let the high mileage of some of these vehicles concern you. Also, you'll discover that so many government auto auctions detail the condition of the truck very thoroughly.

They will tell you about the shape of the interior, the exterior and what they know of the mechanical ability. Of course, purchasing at an auction does mean you're purchasing as is.

As is means that the vehicle auctioneers and auction make no guarantees. You may, however, find that a number of the auctions will hire a separate mechanical evaluation so that you may well have a guarantee from an independent mechanic. Just make sure you take a look at all of the auction paperwork that you receive when you sign up for an auction bidding number.

There is no question that even a pre-owned Chevy truck can be expensive. But if you intend to save money and maybe pick up a truck for below blue book value look into the various different government auctions and pick up a truck that has all it's maintenance records as well as facts on the condition of the truck.

Most of the time you'll come across descriptions such as dirty seats, floors are dirty, scratches on the bumper and hood or something similar to this. You'll often be offered the chance to look at pictures of the defects and some even have videos of the vehicle running. This way, you'll have a pretty good idea of what you're bidding on and not have to worry about surprises.

You will have to sign up for the auction and get a bidding number or auction registration number. You may also have to prove that you can pay for the vehicle should you be the highest bidder and more often than not a credit card will be sufficient.

Remember, you will have a specified amount of time to pay for your Chevy truck and then a specific amount of time to take away the truck from the premises. Be sure to look into shipping or hauling your truck if it's a long ways away. Of course, if it's in running condition you can drive it home too.

Government auctions are going on all the time, so look for one in your state in order to buy a good pre-owned Chevrolet truck that is quite possibly well under blue book value and yet in excellent condition and has been looked after on a regular basis.