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Where to find HOT niche markets? This is the spot I was hung up in. How could you know if niche market was profitable enough to write about? Yes a lot of folks check out Amazons bestsellers lists...But everyone knows this! Then a couple of months ago, I was in the grocery store picking up some milk...The lineup was long, as I was waiting I stopped dead in my tracks...There right across from me was the answer! The Magazine Section!

I stepped out of the long lineup and started looking at the various magazines...I hesitated for a moment...The answer was staring me in the face! Each one of these magazine's was targeting its own niche market. Consider this...Each one of these magazine is a niche market. It's very well designed and made to attract a specific demographic of people that are searching for information. The beauty of this whole process is if someone has published a magazine covering a topic...There's money to be made from it!

You're wondering how I know these are Hot niches? Magazine publishes survive from the income their advertisers pay them. These advertisers are willing to pay more for greater subscription stats. If these advertisers are willing to spend 1000's each month...Those ads are very likely making them money.

Here’s where you can cash in. Every magazine is specifically made to contain reviews and articles that folks in that niche are ready and willing to spend their money on. The magazine publishers have already done all the leg work needed to grab their niche market…They have spent a lot of time and expense into what content to put in their magazine to delight their readers and of course line their advertisers pockets.

Now listen up here... Each article in those magazines is a sub-niche of the main niche market. Those headlines grabbing your attention on the cover page offer lot's of information too. There on the cover for a reason. The magazine publisher is relying on those catch lines to draw in their market to buying the magazine.

I made a short list from Amazon bestselling magazine list and noted the top 5 selling magazines!

1) Wired                                                                         

1487 days at 100

2) Family Handyman                                               

1043 days in the top 100

3) Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine       

1529 days top 100

4) Popular Science                                                     

1328 days in the top 100

5) Rolling Stone                                                            

1545 days in the top 100

Look at Rolling Stone...

1545 days in top 100! That's over 4 YEARS!

Guess what? A Hungry Buying Niche Market wants to know about what Rolling Stone publishes.

 Niche Market(42815)Passion...Profitable Niche!

You've probably heard this saying before...“Following your passion...Will bring the money"

This may be true for some, but not for others!...Particularly if you talk to a newbie who just began internet marketing.

 You might be doing this...Following your passion...For hours, days, months, and even years writing about your passion.  And for sure, it can be very satisfying and gratifying. But, is it profitable? Are you using internet marketing for pleasure or to Make  Money? When you start earning the money then you can follow all your passions.

So where can you Find Those Hungry Buying Niche Markets?

Are you at a standstill? Not making enough to buy a cup of coffee from your writing? Take a couple of hours and go to your local dept store and head over to the magazine section...Now for the next few minutes stop being a internet marketer...Just be the average person scanning over the headlines and get a feel for what people are searching for!

Open up a few magazines and see all the niche ideas being offered!

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