Furniture Can Be Affordable

Where To Find Cheap Dressers

Filling your home with furniture can be expensive, but if you know where to find value furniture and follow through on it, you can save a lot of money and get just what you need.

Saving lots of money on furnishings for your home takes time, but if you spend that time you will come across some amazing furniture values. Here are the best places to find value furniture.

Thrift Stores

A thrift store is a great place to look for cheap furniture. People drop off their unwanted items at thrift stores all the time, and the quality of that furniture ranges from nearly worthless to very high quality, so you need a little luck.

The best way to score a great value on furniture at a thrift store is to check in often. You need to drop in enough to be there not long after a nice piece of furniture has arrived so you can grab it before somebody else does. You may also be able to call in from time to time depending on the store.

Furniture at a thrift store can be among the cheapest, in price, that you can find. If you're not in a hurry but just need that dresser or side table to add to your home, put a thrift store in your routine.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are hit or miss for furniture, but when you find one that has furniture it tends to have a lot, as it is often triggered by an impending move by the homeowner. In this case, the homeowner is trying to get rid of stuff fast and you can score a great deal on furniture.

The best way to get your pick at the highest quality furniture is to get there early. That means if the garage sale starts Friday at noon, you'd better be there at noon. The great thing about searching for furniture at a garage sale is that you can do a quick drive by to see if any exists and, if not, head to the next one.

Check the listing beforehand so you don't waste time driving to a garage sale that only has clothing and housewares. If you can't tell, it might be worth a drive by.

Don't forget that most garage sales post prices that can be negotiated, so make an offer if the posted prices is too high for you. You just may get it. Also, if the furniture is still there near the end of the day it pays to stop back. In the last hours a homeowner will start to bargain in ways they would not when the sale is just starting.

Consignment Shops

Great Deals on TablesConsignment shops are another good option for value furniture. Like the thrift store, the first one there gets the best values, but the pressure is a bit less intense at a consignment shop since they don't get as much traffic. That means a less frequency visit schedule by you may result in a real value.

At consignment shops the store is selling a piece of furniture for a price that the owner has set. Sometimes the store could negotiate this and sometimes not. It is not unusual for the price to be firm.

People often use a consignment shop for furniture that they value too highly to give away to a thrift store or Goodwill in hopes that they can make money on it without having a garage sale. Because of this, you can find some real quality items at these stores.

Check back often if you want to find a good deal at a consignment shop.


Craigslist has now become a huge force in buying and selling used furniture, and if you are looking for a great value on furniture you should most certainly check it out. To find the page that is for your city, just search for Craigslist and your city in your search engine and you will find that page, such as "Craigslist Boston".

There are categories on this site and one of them is furniture. You will usually get to see a picture along with the description so you can get a good idea what you are shopping for. You can also search for terms like "bunk bed" or "dining table" to narrow the results.

Craigslist is a place that has both great values and not so great values so you just have to keep checking it out to find a good one. Some sellers are motivated to sell and others will just keep posting an item to get their price. The competition is pretty high, so if you like something you need to jump on it pretty quickly.

You can shop Craigslist from your home, but you will have to arrange a pickup or drop off if you decide to buy. Read the Craigslist security suggestions carefully to make that transaction a good one.

Auctions and Estate Sales

Chairs For CheapGoing to the auction is great fun, but the best part if when you get something of value without spending a lot of money. The best auctions to attend to find furniture deals is an estate auction. You may also find an estate sale done right at a property which will also have plenty of furniture.

At an auction you can place a silent bid ahead of time to set the price you are willing to pay. If yours is the highest bid you will get the item for that price or less, so you control your spending. You can also go in person if you like the action, but you don't have to.

Auctions are very competitive for high quality or antique furniture, but for standard furniture items great deals can be found and you can win the bid.

To get good at knowing what an item will go for, attend the auctions regularly and get the final winning bid sheets. After a short time you will start to get good at estimating the final sale price of a piece of furniture and increase your odds at winning an item.

Home Sales

This one takes a bit of initiative, but any house that is for sale is a potential place to find a great furniture value. You see, a home sale means that someone is moving. Some people move to a bigger house and some downsize. Either way, they may have furniture that just won't fit in their new space.

If you see a home sale in your area you just have to ask the homeowner if they are looking to get rid of any furniture as they move. You never know what you will find. If they do want to get rid of something, they are likely to be much happier to have you take it away than to deal with delivering it to a thrift store or consignment shop.

If you have the guts to ask, a home for sale can be a great hiding spot for deals on furniture.

The Values Are Out There

As you can see, there are deals on furniture if you know where to look. These places are good places to start if you want to know where to find value furniture and save money.