Need Candy Eyes For Your Cupcakes or Birthday Cake?

If you are looking for candy eyes for cupcakes and birthday cakes, you can easily find them in various locations.  As difficult as it may be to imagine finding candy eyes for cupcakes easily, you can get them at places that sell cake supplies and cake decorating supplies. 

If you are making a cupcake that needs eyes, like an Angry Birds cupcake, you need to have the candy eyes for cupcakes in order to bring the cupcake alive and help your child to enjoy every single morsel of his cupcake.

You can get the Wilton Candy Eyeballs used for cupcakes, cakes and other crafts from Amazon, Michael's craft store, and Target. Your cakes, cupcakes and projects will not be complete without great looking eyes to finish off the illusion. 

Wilton Candy Eyes For CupcakesCredit: Amazon.comCrafts decorated with Wilton Candy Eyes For CupcakesCredit:

Wilton Candy Eyeballs or Ojos de Caramelo


How To Make An Angry Birds Cupcake With Candy Eyes For Cupcakes

Step 1

Bake your cupcake as you normally would.  If you prefer chocolate, vanilla, yellow cake, red velvet cupcakes, this is totally up to you.  The kind of cupcake itself, will be covered by the sugar and frosting.  So enjoy whatever type of cupcake you wish.


Step 2

Shape the beak out of soft sugar candy.  Cut the soft sugar candy in to medium sized triangular shaped pieces. Then form it into a beak for your Angry Birds cupcake. The beak can be as thin or as thick as you want, however, since the cupcake is a small surface, it is better to make the beak thin.  You can serve extra sugar candies in a bowl for those who may want more than what's on the cupcake.


Step 3

Depending on which color bird you are making, you can use frosting with that color and colored sugar, both you can get from Amazon, Michael's or Target.  Cover the face of the cupcake with frosting and or sugar of the desired color.


Step 4

Use white frosting to form the belly of the Angry Bird.  First remove some of the other frosting to make room for the white frosting belly.  Form the belly just in the bottom center of the cupcake.


Step 5

Place the beak and they eyes on the cupcake. You can make as many of these Angry Birds cupcakes as you wish.  They will be a party hit.

Angry Birds Cupcake With Eyes For Cupcakes Tutorial