So you have a City Mini jogging stroller that is great except for one little thing - you need a replacement part. What do you do? Where do you go? Most people who buy their strollers new buy them from places like Babies R Us, Target, or some boutique baby store. If you go through any of these places you are almost guaranteed not to find any replacement parts at all, after all these strollers are under warrantee.

Even those people that shop online from giant retailers like Amazon will be hard pressed to find a single replacement part for their strollers. They just don’t sell parts to these strollers like they do the units themselves.

Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini Stroller's Front WheelProbably the most commonly replaced part for any of the Baby Jogger strollers are the wheels. The front wheel in particular is important because it is a double wheel that removes somewhat easily from the stroller at any time. You certainly don’t have to remove the front wheel off your City Mini to fold it up but many people short on storage space may need to remove it to store the stroller in a tight closet.

Whether your wheels are lost or damaged for any reason the best way to find replacements for them is one of two ways. You buy used parts off of old strollers typically found listed on Craigslist or you contact the manufacturer to see if you can get a replacement part for your City Mini.

Personally I am all into the secondary market. If I needed to replace the wheel or the stroller cover I would probably just find a cheap broken city Mini on Craigslist and strip it for parts. This gives me the ability to sell the stripped stroller to someone else for parts or keep it for parts that may be needed on another City Mini that I buy in not so great shape in the future.

The average person though does not run a used stroller business out of his garage and on Craigslist. For the typical parent who damages their stroller in any way or loses important pieces for some weird reason the best way is to contact the company and see what they can do for you. You may be surprised at what they are able to do to keep a customer happy.

You may not always be able to score free parts and you may not always be able to find replacement parts for your stroller even by contacting the company but you never know. After all my wife contact the company that makes our baby monitor only a month ago because our cat chewed through the power cord of the base unit. We wanted to buy a new power cord but instead they shipped us a brand new unit free of charge. Not saying Baby Jogger would do this for you but it certainly is within the realm of feasibility.

If you need to contact Baby Jogger about replacement parts for your City Mini stroller or any other Baby Jogger product you can reach them by mail at: Baby Jogger Company, 8575 Magellan Parkway, Suite 1000, Richmond, VA 23227 or by phone at 800-241-1848.

Email support can be had at or by visiting their contact us page.