Downtown Milwaukee At Night
Credit: Laz Koutromanos

About Milwaukee

Milwaukee is a unique type of city, with population of around 600,000 people, the city itself is very diverse. With over 165 years as a city, Milwaukee has an awesome type of history, since our founders came together to form this awesome city. There are many interesting place for people of all ages can do in this great city. Some of the places below are just some of the place are able to go to see and do in this city. One of city nicknames is being the "City of Festivals" and a couple of things that be mentioned will show you why.

Mitchell Park Conservatory (Domes)

Mitchell Park Conservatory (or the Domes) is a popular place to go to when visiting here in Milwaukee. It's three bee hive like domes show cases the different types of plants that can exist in different types of climates. The Arid Dome consists of different types of plants can live in dry and hot weather. These plants can survive on very little water. The Tropical Dome shows the different types of plants that survives in a tropical rain forest and that the plants receives lots of rain and gets very humid at times. And the Show Dome is a dome that has different types of theme floral shows through out the year. Every year between November through March on Thursday nights they offer "Music Under The Glass" concert series.


One of the best places that brings a lot of visitors to Milwaukee is Summerfest. Summerfest located by the lakefront on a 75 acre permanent setting, where people can enjoy live music, food and fun. Each year the venue brings around 900,000 people to the fest eleven day run. The festival brings in some of the biggest names to their main stage. There are over 800 music acts performing on eleven stages at the festival. Summerfest offer different types of music ranging from country, rock, R&B, alternative and so much more. 

Milwaukee County Zoo

The Milwaukee County Zoo sits on a nearly 200 acre wooded area and has over 2,000 mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and reptiles in specialized habitats. Visitors can explore educational wildlife shows, fun attractions and special events. The zoo is an awesome place to take the family to enjoy.

Wisconsin State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair is a great place for the family to see different types of livestock in different livestock buildings, play different games and rides from the midway, eat some different types of foods, watch different types of livestock competition and visitors can even compete in different events at the fair. The state fair is famous for their cream puffs and different types of foods on a stick and watching the pig races. You can also enjoy catching some live entertainment while you are there. There is so much the fair has to offer it is hard to mention all here.  

Getting More Information

If you looking for information about different events and places that you can visit during your stay in Milwaukee, I recommend the following sites to make your plans for your visit. Some of the sites that can visit to  are Visit Milwaukee,, Key Milwaukee and Tap Milwaukee. If you come visit Milwaukee I hope that you find the city fun and exciting and interesting to travel to.