Considered the Cradle of Civilization, Greece is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but has played a big part in history.  With its ancient history and deep culture, it is visited by over 16 million tourists a year.  It is in the top 15 countries visited in the world.  The best places to visit in Greece is a hard question to answer.  If you are planning on visiting Greece, there are many things to keep in mind.

The people of Greece are warm friendly people.  Crime is low in this peaceful country, so tourist generally think of it as a safe place to visit.  Different locales have different activities, but mealtimes in every part of the country are looked forward to by tourist and locals alike. Even with the influence of modern times, the people of Greece have kept in touch with their traditions and heritage.  They are friendly and engaging.  So, be sure to go out each night, and join in conversations with other visitors and locals.

The museums of Greece hold an uncounted bounty of artifacts and art that draw scholars and visitors alike for viewing and study.  With its historical background, it is rich is history.  However, the country is rich in natural wonders, also.  The tourist attractions in Greece have somthing for almost anyone.  It features world class beaches, great food, and a spectacular nightlife.

Best Places to Visit in Greece: 


 One of the islands off Greece, this island was the location of one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history about 2000 BC. 


 Crete island is one of the most visited places in Greece.  Visitors can swim on the fabulous beaches with clear waters.  Join in the many outdoor sports, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and wind surfing.  Enjoy the varied nightlife, or visit the local villages.


Athens is one of the most fabulous cites in the world, as well as the capital of Greece.  Athens is city where Western Civilization was started.   Socrates taught philosophy on the streets, and Hippocrates practiced medicine.  It is one of the most visited cities in the world, as visitors flock to see Acropolis Hill, the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, and the Herod Atticus Odeon.

With the modern features of this city intermingled with the ancient sites, it makes Athens, Greece, a unique holiday destination.

 Dodecanese Islands

 Visit this site for the sparkling beaches and the views usually found only on post cards.  Some of the islands have castles, ancient churches and other structures to visit, but most come here to relax and and enjoy the natural splendor.


Corfu is the island that both Hercules and Odysseus were supposed to have visited during their travels.  In Corfu, stroll in vineyards, olive groves, castles, and ancient monasteries.


While visiting Greece, the sky is the limit.  Planning this visit and checking the list of toursit attractions in Grece can be almost as fun as the vacation itself.  Decide if you want to rent a car, or hike some spectacular trails.  You can exchange homes with a local, or choose from preplanned tours or vacations spots.  Start making your list of best places to visit in Greece on your dream vacation today.  

The palm beach of Vai (Crete, Greece)