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Mediterranean diet

Russia, Malaysia, China, United States, Italy, and France. Which one of these 6 countries has the longest life expectancy? Well According to the World Data Bank online Italy and France have the longest life expectancy with an average age of 81.5 years of age.  United States is the third longest at 78 years old.  Russia had the lowest life expectancy of 69 years old.

What are the reasons that people in Italy and France have the longest life expectancy? And what secrets of their living can we start in our everyday lives.

1. Society in these countries encourages vacation time.  When the French or Italian vacation in the summer, they do it better than anyone else.

2. Public transportation, bikes, and walking are a way of life.  On average more people use public transportation, bike, and walk making these activities more socially acceptable.

3. The diet is not a high animal fat diet. The most likely diet would be the Mediterranean diet.Speaking with a gentleman Ken who is 29 and lived in Italy for a few years said "it has to do with their diet".

The most logical reason is that the people of France and Italy live the longest due to their Mediterranean diet, which according to the Mayo center is a low-fat diet (low LDL) that consists of unsaturated fats( olive oils, nuts), and plenty of fruits and vegetables.    These unsaturated fats include nuts, and olive oil dressing  instead of heavy, high fat commercial salad dressings.  Olive oil is different from animal fat because it is an unsaturated fatty acid and is different in its physical properties.  Generally as a rule of thumb if a fat is firm at room temperature than it is a saturated fat (LDL fat), e.g butter. and is more harmful to your body.  Olive oil at room temperature is still in liquid form and this is generally a trait of unsaturated fats (HDL).  Another difference in the Mediterranean diet is  that herbs and spices are the mainstay of the diet and salt is hardly used. Substituting salt cuts down a persons sodium intake which is beneficial and they don't have to sacrifice good flavor.

And this is what helps these two countries outlive the rest of the world.  Maybe if each of us incorporates this way of eating in our lives we can outlive them too. For some helpful authors mediterranean cook books see Dr. Angelo Acquista on amazon books.

Living Longer. Mediterranean diet
Credit: She knows food and recipes