Play Ground Equipment

If you are looking to setup your own play ground then you need to buy quality play ground equipment that can take the abuse of kids constantly playing on it as well as the harsh weather variations. It does not matter if you need to buy playground equipment for a school yard or simply want to buy a small playground piece for your child's enjoyment in the backyard. Quality playground equipment is mandatory for the safety of the kids.

The old days of a cheap aluminum swing-set that has the legs rocking up in the air is coming to an end. The unsafe usage of these swings combined with the low lifespan has caused many people to buy commercial grade playground equipment, even if it is for their backyard.

Many of these companies can also arrange for the proper installation of the commercial grade playground equipment.

AAA State Of Playground is a great website when shopping for commercial playground equipment. This company sells the full range of commercial playground equipment including park benches, slides, Geo climbers, as well as the unique Merry Go Cycle.

The expertise and knowledge of AAA State Of Playground is invaluable. They will help guide you to the appropriate playground pieces that will fit not only your needs but also your budget. Sure you can find a cheaper slide set at a mass department store but it will not last near as long as the playground slides that are offered by AAA State Of Play Ground.


Kidstruction sells commercial grade playground equipment for not only outdoor use but also indoor use. If you run a restaurant and want to attract the family market like Mcdonalds and Arctic Circle does then you need great indoor playground attraction for the kids. Kidstruction can help set you up with an amazing indoor play-set that can withstand the rigors of constant use and abuse by kids.

Kidstruction can also help you plan your outdoor playground. If you are looking for a professional commercial grade playground equipment for a park or school then consider talking with the playground pros at Kidstruction.

Planet Playground offers a huge range of diverse commercial grade playground equipment. Everything from playground equipment for toddlers to older children who are extremely hard on playground equipment.

You will get great service along with a lot of expertise if you call Planet Playground for advice on you playground needs.

Other Playground Distributors

There are many companies that specialize in selling commercial playground equipment. Do not scrimp on the costs of quality playground equipment. If you buy a cheap piece of low quality playground equipment it will rapidly deteriorate. If you instead choose to buy some high quality commercial grade playground equipment you will be happier in the long run with your decision.

Not only will commercial grade playground equipment last much longer but it will also be safer for the kids to play on as long as the playground equipment is properly installed. If you are only buying a swing-set for your backyard it is still highly recommended that you buy some commercial grade play ground equipment. Image Credit: (Flicker/Striatic)