A retirement option that has been getting quite popular in the US and Canada is people that are moving to Mexico once they opt for retirement from their jobs. Retiring in Mexico is becoming the new popular thing to do for Baby Boomers looking to retire abroad. Even some of your relatives and friends may have even done the same by now. If you too are looking forward to following their footsteps, the next question that might materialize in your mind is - where to retire in Mexico? Mexico is an unknown country to us, and once we have decided to move to that country, it is imperative that we find the best location where we will settle down.

Why Retire To Mexico

Retire to MexicoFirstly, let us take a little look at why people are moving to Mexico. The country is known to have a low cost of living and relatively high standards of life for retirees. If you are facing taking an early retirement then you may want to look into retiring abroad as a way to stretch your funds. Likely you look at what your retirement funds are going to look like, and you balk at how low they are for where you are currently residing. The prices of household commodities and various other amenities have risen tremendously during the past few years. Imagine living quite happily in a country for just $1000 a month. The answer to it will only be Mexico. One will be able to keep in touch with their friends and relatives, even if they move to Mexico because Mexico is just at a drivable distance from the US and Canada. If you need to get anywhere fast it is only a short plane ride away as well.

Where To Retire In Mexico

Now we know the why, but what about the where? Where should you retire in Mexico? The options are literally in plenty. All of it boils down to your taste of living and convenience. Perhaps living on the beach or in a small ocean town is to your liking, if so then Manzanillo or Sayulita are two very attractive options. The country also boasts many lakes as well as coastal towns where you will be able to finally settle down for the rest of your life in areas like Ajijic.

Mazatlan, Acapulco, and Playa del Carmen are quite popular tourist destinations and residents enjoy a very high standard of living. The ocean air is known to have a rejuvenating effect on the human body. These places are suitable for those who want to and wish to remain inconspicuous for the rest of their lives. Rocky point and San Felipe are the best places to reside if you are wishing to keep in touch with friends and family. These places are nearer to the United States and hence are feasible answers to where to retire in Mexico.

As mentioned earlier, there are various coastal towns and cities near to the lakes. Barra de Navidad and Ajijic are some such places, which are flocked by retired people not only from the United States, but also from different parts of Canada and Europe. If you are looking forward to mingling with the Mexican community and live among the natives then Cuernrnavaca and Morelia are the best places to be in. Don't be fooled by all the bad press as of late, Mexico is a very beautiful place to retire to and also a very safe one. Compared to most areas of the US, the crime rate is many times lower and the happiness index is many times higher.