How would you like to catch a fish that is over a hundred years old. Sturgeon can be fished for in Idaho and the lengths of these sturgeon can top 10 feet long. You can not keep the sturgeon. It is catch and release only but there is no fishing in Idaho that can even remotely compare to the sturgeon fishing.

American Falls

Below the Dam at in American Falls you can catch Sturgeon. It is easier if the idiots in the boats are not out. There are many great boaters in American Falls but you also get many idiots that run around snagging everybody's line oblivious to the fact.

American FallsYou can cast out from the end of the dock below the island. Its' not easy to hook a sturgeon unless you know what your are doing and what the sturgeon are currently biting on. It's even harder to reel in your sturgeon.

CJ Strike

St Strike you can catch Sturgeon that generally range from 4-6 feet. Sometimes you may hook a larger sturgeon. You want to fish with freshly cut bait. If you are fishing for sturgeon at CJ Strike you need to fish in the deep areas. If your are trying to catch sturgeon and are in shallow water you will never catch a sturgeon.

Lower Hells Canyon and the Hells Canyon Reservoir

The most famous sturgeon fishing in Idaho is in the Hells Canyon. The sturgeon here are monsters. You can catch sturgeon well over 10 feet long. These large fish may be over a hundred years old.

If you want to go fishing for sturgeon use a fishing guide that specializes in sturgeon fishing trips. Sturgeon fishing is among some of the hardest fishing you will ever experience. If you have never been sturgeon fishing and think you will bait up some 8 lb test and cast out and hook a sturgeon your are WRONG. You need at least 30 pound test, a bait caster, and a huge ugly stick. You need to know what to fish, when to fish and how to fish for sturgeon.. Even then sturgeon fishing is extremely hard. As hard as it is to hook a sturgeon reeling in a fish that can easily be 3-10 feet long is even harder. If you ease up for just a second the sturgeon will win. Find a local who can show you the ins and outs of fishing for sturgeon in Idaho. It's a full body workout. I guarantee it.