Trampoline replacement parts can be found on-line at places such as Amazon and EBay however, you must be very careful that you are taking the proper measurements of the items that need to be replaced.

Many places do not permit the parts to be returned if you fail to take the correct measurements. When searching for a place to purchase replacements parts from be sure to inquire about their refund or exchange policy. Do not purchase from anyone who does not offer to make a mistake right or you will be stuck with a part you paid for that you are unable to use.

Be sure to read the instructions for how to take the measurements for the parts you are needing to replace. It is important to also have the model number of the trampoline, the makers name as well as any special items about the trampoline such as if it has been specially constructed or is perhaps a size or design that is unique. This information can be found on the frame of the trampoline.

When locating replacement springs for your trampoline be sure you have inspected the springs currently on the trampoline. There should be some numbers on the springs that will help you to determine the replacement springs you are in need of. Springs are often the number one part that fails first on a trampoline. The failure is caused by water from rain and sprinklers dripping off the springs, causing rust. Any applied load can risk breakage of the spring when in use.

When making the phone calls or when inquiring on-line for trampoline parts and accessories be sure to have all of this information handy. You will need the model number, the maker, the part number if it is available and measurements of all the parts.

Again, be sure to include any unique features of the trampoline since this can make a difference with the parts you receive. You can also avoid shipping costs if you have a sporting goods store or trampoline store in your area.