Interior glass doors are great options, if you want to divide a larger room and to create different functionalities for each part. This type of doors won’t make the new rooms look small and dark, like a drywall and a regular door wood, in fact, interior glass doors offer you only advantages: they separate and the room, and in the same time they keep the feel and the light of the former, larger space. When it comes to glass doors, you have many options: sliding ones, doors that fold like French doors and regular doors, You can get interior glass doors without any framing at all or you can buy ones with a thin frame, made of wood or aluminum.

 Interior Glass Doors –The Unconventional Option For Your House

Most people won’t consider interior glass doors when they think about getting new doors for the bedrooms, kitchen or bathroom. But they are definitely an option. There are many types of glass, not only transparent; you can also find some with different degrees of opacity, a distorted look, a clouded look or a colored look. Select interior glass doors with a thin framing for your house and you’ll create an interesting, elegant atmosphere.

Frameless, transparent interior glass doors are perfect in those areas of the house where you don’t want them to be visible. For example, if you have a very large living room, dividing the space is a good idea. Especially in big families, people have different hobbies and different ideas about how to spend time. Maybe you just want to read a book, but your children want to use the TV from the living room for a console game. Well, it’s hard to concentrate on your book with all the noise from the game and your kids yelling. You can avoid those problems installing some interior glass doors. You can keep the open most of the time, but you can close them when you want some piece and silence. Keep all the electronic equipment in one part of the living room – TV, computer, play station and others. Create a relaxing oasis on the other part of the room, with some bookshelves, comfy, rocking armchairs and some plants. This way, every member of the family will have the opportunity to relax in his own, personal way.

Pick Good Quality Interior Glass Doors

Those doors are very useful and they look great, but you need to make sure you got a good quality item, especially if you have kids around. Children play with a lot of things inside the house: balls and baseball bats, or they simply throw to each other with all sorts of toys. Serious accidents can occur, if they manage to hit one of the interior glass doors. This is why you need to ask the manufacturer or the seller of the doors about the thickness of the glass, if it can take moderate shocks and what happens when breaks. Normal glass breaks in an instant, and can seriously cut people around. But you can search for secure materials. It’s the same type of materials that the windshields from cars made of. It’s a little more expensive, but it really worth paying the difference. First of all, it will take moderate shocks without any problem. Second, when starts to break, the process takes a little longer. You’ll notice the crack inside the glass and you’ll have the time to keep the kids at a safe distance and to calla professional to replace the glass. And, if the glass from one of the doors actually breaks, it falls of in small, rounded beads, which can’t cause serious cuts.

 Interior Glass Doors –How To Install Them

If we’re talking about bedroom doors, they will probably come with a thin framing and they are installed exactly like regular doors. Sometimes, the framing comes separately, you install it and then you add the large glass panels. If that’s the case, make sure you adjust the door only after you add the glass. The glass panel is quite heavy, and it will modify the balance of the door. Frameless or sliding interior glass doors are harder to install. You should call professionals to do the job, because you surely don’t want your glass doors to fall off. Especially if it’s a big glass surface, you shouldn’t install them by yourself. They are heavy and hard to maneuver.