When I think about the American Idol reality TV show that captivate billons of people, I'm always in awe of what drives these individuals to want to become an American Idol, is it the boredom of growing up in a small town and becoming discontent with the way of living in these small country towns that offer very little to these big ambitious young people or is the big city life that has abused and striped everything from the poverty stricken families that struggle to get buy or survive in a violent turbulent world, that offers no opportunity of hope, and every day is a constant struggle to survive and live.

When people watch American Idol on television, does American Idol suggest the opportunity of a better way of living, of hope and of dreams of things to come? We wanted to see where our American Idol Finalist came from and the history of the towns that they live in.

Kelly ClarkstonRuben StubbardFantasia BarrinoCarrie UnderwoodTaylor HicksJordan SparksDavid CookKris Allen

# 1 American Idol - Kelly Clarkston - (an American Singer-Songwriter and Actress)

Kelly came from Burleson, Texas, a small populated town of maybe 34,350 people. Burleson is a small growing community, as a historical marker, Burleson became a historical marker for a stagecoach robbery by the notorious frontier outlaw Sam Bass. Burleson has also owned up to lead singer Jonathan Cook and drummer Kyle Burns of band Forever the Sickest Kids and reality MTV show My Life as Liz.

# 2 American Idol - Ruben Stubbard - (An American R&B Pop-Gospel Singer)

Ruben came from Birmingham, Alabama, the largest city in Alabama with a population of about 229,800 people. Birmingham was founded 1871 for being the major industrial center for iron, steel production which boosted the railroad industry. Birmingham is known for Martin Luther King, who had once been a pastor there to help end segregation.

# 3 American Idol - Fantasia Barrino - (An American R&B Pop Singer/Broadway-Television Actress)

Fantasia came from High Point, North Caroline, having an estimated population of 103,396 people. High Pointe has been known for its furniture, textiles, bus manufacturing. Back in the 1870's High Point was known for the rallying of the union carpetbaggers and textile barons, always looking into different prospects.

# 4 American Idol - Carrie Underwood - (An American Country Singer-Songwriter)

Carrie came from Muskogee, Oklahoma, with a population of about 38,310 people. From the historical point of view, in 1805 US President Thomas Jefferson seconded the recommendation of a trading post near Muskogee; in 1830 the Indian Removal Act was established for the relocation of the Creek and Cherokee Indian Tribes.

# 5 American Idol - Tayler Hicks - (An American Singer/Broadway Actor)

Taylor is the second American idol to come from Birmingham, Alabama, the largest city in Alabama. Birmingham was founded in 1871 just after the American Civil War. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was established after 3000 students protested against segregation.

# 6 American Idol - Jordon Sparks - (An American Pop R&B Singer-Songwriter/Actress)

Jordon came from Phoenix, Arizona the 12th largest metro area populated with 1,601,587 people. Over 1000 years earlier Phoenix area was occupied by the Hohokam people, these Native American people created over 135 miles of irrigation canals making the desert area a farming community for the livelihood of their people. These canals would later become used for the modern Arizona Canal, Central Arizona Project Canal, and the Hayden-Rhodes Aqueduct.

# 7 American Idol - David Cook - (An American Rock Singer)

David came from Houston, Texas, being the fourth-largest city in the United States and largest city in Texas with a population of 2.3 million people. In 1836, 2 real estate tycoons from New York purchased over 6,642 acres of land along Buffalo Bayou with the intentions of founding and starting a flourishing city. Thus Houston flourished into a commercial and railroad hub for exporting cotton.

# 8 American Idol - Kris Allen - (An American Singer-Songwriter)

Kris came from Jacksonville, Arkansas, a smaller city with the population of 30,506 people. The city of Jacksonville is named after a landowner, Nicholas Jackson, who deeded the land for the railroad right-of-way to the Cairo & Fulton Railroad in 1870. The Jacksonville community evolved from the settlement of the railroad depot and became a facility for developing fuses and detonators for World War 11.

Facts derived from Wikipedia – American Idol and the American public has brought us a variety of wonderful singers, songwriters, actresses and actors. What interesting and historical facts we have found through Wikipedia, and following the tracks of where our American Idols Finalist came from.