Some people who have had recent bladder surgeries and other ailments likely want to know: “where do I buy catheters?”

The sad fact is that some medical health care professionals leave patients in the dark about where to buy medical supplies like foley and bard catheters. Others, don't even provide their patients with resources on where to purchase affordable medical supplies either for themselves or a loved one.

 Luckily this article will tell you not just where to buy catheters but where to get them for free as well. That's right, if you'd like to sample different types of catheters including, olive tipped , 16 coude, and 22 french catheters, you deserve the right to have that flexibility, because in fact, not all catheters are made the same.

 What are Catheters?

Urinary Catheters are simply devices which help people to empty their bladder.

Often times people undergo surgery or have physical limitations in being able to empty the bladder, so a catheter is required. Catheters are plastic or rubber tubes that are inserted into the urethra, leading into the bladder for urinary release. Women and men alike are able to use catheters. But there are some that are more comfortable for men than women, with the converse also being true.

 The coude catheter, for example, has a tiny tip which is curved in a way that makes it easier to pass through the prostatic urethra. All catheters come in french diameter sizes.

A 22 french catheter allows for the free flow of urine large enough to control leakage and help contain larger amounts of urine sediment. The risks for larger catheters is damage to the urethra.

And thankfully, the design of catheters have even evolved over time. Some are so tiny that they can fit into a small purse or pant pocket. And this is important when people require for their catheters to be discreet.

 Free Catheters

 Before discussing where to buy catheters, it's equally important to underscore the point that you can often get catheter samples for free. This includes olive tipped and large sized catheters as well. All you typically have to do is ask.

 Check with your urology nurse, physician or other health care professional. As stated before, the technology changes often and many catheter manufacturers are more than happy to let you sample different size french catheters for absolutely free. Don't be deterred even if your insurance company or Medicaid states they will only pay for certain brands of catheters, you do have an option in getting free samples and even making the appeal to your health insurance provider or Medicaid that you've found something better you'd like to use.

 Where Can I Buy Catheters?

 Well the answer is pretty simple. You can go to plenty of reputable catheter suppliers and manufacturers. These companies also have no problem in providing samples as well to you.

  • Liberty Medical 1-855-203-9556
  • 180 Medical – 1-877-688-2729

  • Liberator Medical – 1-800-323-0914

You can give these companies a call to get a variety of urinary medical supplies, so that you 'll never have to ask: "where do I buy catheters?"