So where do we write now? Well, first let me go way back. Well, not that far back, but back to February 2011. Google decided it had had enough of link farms. Places that duplicated content and all that goes with it. So they created a new algorithm, that was not the end of it though. And the cutely named Google Panda, had updates monthly, and also continuing. This has hit so many places that were good places to write, with a few bad eggs. But unfortunately the good writers got hit with the bad ones. Why? Because the platform that they wrote on went down in the ranks after the Panda attack.


How does this affect me?

Well, I only joined in February 2011, just as the Panda was gettings its claws out. I write here, on Hubpages, Rantrave and Webanswers, a few others, but these are the places that I concentrate on. Because these are shared writing platforms, the good go down with the bad, and they all got their views and ranks pulled. Some suffering more than others.


From the whispers on the grapevine, I have been told that the new Google algorithms prefer your individual sites to platforms, but still the platforms get more views than you could possibly dream of on a new blog. You are swimming in a vast ocean. 

If you are a new writer then the first thing you need to learn is that it takes a long time for your articles to age well, and there for start earning you any decent income. The Panda slap kind of made this a little bit longer, but not impossible.

Original content will always be kind, and now apparently so is social networking, so if you thought you could earn money simply by writing and not marketing, then you are in for an even slower ride. The best thing I can advise is delve into the forums here at InfoBarrel and lap up all of that great and free helpful information.


What I suggest.

I am no writing or marketing Guru, I am merely doing what so many others have done for me, sharing what I have learned. Giving it back, if you were.

My suggestion is do not get jaded by others that are having a depression in their writing or earnings, we all go through it, but do not let your fear of the unknown be tainted with those that are simply suffering burn out.

Write on at least 3 or more different sites, and make one of those your own personal blog. Blogger is a great place to make your own blog for free.

Hopefully one day we will see all the greatness that others saw online before Panda hit, until then it is a matter of working a little harder than before. I wish you all luck.