Are science religion and philosophy coming together

Have you been looking for the meaning of life?

How can we change our current circumstances?

What helped me in discovering what life is supposed to be about.

Everyone has asked themselves these very deep questions of “where do we come from?” and “where are we going?” and “what are we here for?” there have been countless books and resources that I’ve consulted in trying to answer these questions and others like “how do I get what I want in life?” “How come some people have it so easy while others have it so hard?” Now I haven’t found conclusive answers to these questions but thanks to a wonderfully open minded mother who has been on this same quest, many answers have been practically handed to me by her. Now I can’t begin to list all the resources of my findings because then this would be simply a list of resources because they are too many to list but some of the crucial mind opening ones are the ones I will mention.

As far as where do we come from I loved the analogy author Mike Dooley made in his book “Lost in Space” it’s a small paperback with a very cute but meaningfully deep description of where we come from. That was one of my finds and the same author wrote other books I found useful like “Leveraging the Universe” and “Infinite possibilities” his prevalent message is that “Thoughts become things so choose the good ones”. He has a great web site called “tut’s adventure”.  

But before that, I was introduced to a very thought provoking film that really answered how we have misunderstood many passages of the bible. Not to mention the great divide between science and religion. It is called “What the bleep down the rabbit hole” It is a wonderful explanatory documentary on the science behind our thoughts and the quantum physics discoveries that prove these thoughts and ideas.  Also it discusses our brains and how little of them we actually use however there is great potential to use more of it if properly trained.  I loved the part with the experiments upon water.  When water was infused with thoughts it was amazing the differences these projected thoughts made upon the ice crystals that the water made or didn’t make depending on the nature of those projected thoughts. If you think about that and then realize we are 90% water by volume if thoughts do that to water, imagine what thoughts can do to you. They’re not talking about other people’s thoughts either your own thoughts can affect your health your physicality and your destiny. Most any one of us has critical thoughts about self some more often than not and this will take its effect on us respectively. This movie went into the science of our brain and the naturally made chemicals that our brain manufactures on the daily. Also it explains that if someone is used to feeling like a victim or angry all the time there must be some addiction to those chemicals because we tend to create more situations to bring those feeling out to have our brain make those chemicals all over again. This explained to me why some people have it easy and some people don’t it’s all dependent on our attitudes and views about life.

My mother has been trying to show me the “Law of Attraction” for a long time but the she found the movie “The Secret”,  and shipped it to me and wow did this movie put it all into perspective!  This movie really brought home the Idea that thoughts really do become things. When I saw some of the examples given on how people had harnessed the power of the law of attraction, I realized that I had unknowingly used these principles in the past and had not even realized it. You could imagine the excitement of knowing this! However just knowing the principle and not working with it or doing much else than thinking then not much else happens.

I was not fully informed of the technicalities of how to put this potential and power we all possess in to action until reading “Infinite possibilities” and “leveraging the universe”  by Mike Dooley.

Still I kept searching and so did my mother and she sent me yet two more eye opening works. The first one is an audio book meditation by Kelly Howell Based on a book by U.S Anderson called “Three Magic Words”. It is a meditation to be listened to when falling asleep and I listened to it daily during a semester of college Amazingly I did excellent on a subject I was not well versed in. I moved and feeling confident I had a grip on the subject took another class on it but since I had moved I had misplaced the audio meditation and didn’t practice it and subsequently. During this semester continuing the avid learning that seemed so easy the previous semester seemed more difficult.

 Following the audio book she sent me the actual book by U.S. Anderson “Three Magic Words” which contained the meditations in that cd which reminded me of how well school went when I did listen to them on a cd so I will be putting it back into practice since I have recently found the CD again and the book that contains those meditations also explain how to remove subconscious triggers ”prompters”  we consciously place there in order to avoid negative feelings we may have experienced in the past, which now keep us limited to the amount of love, success, abundance, we will allow ourselves to experience. Either because we don’t think it’s possible or because we associate these things with negative experiences of our lives. This man who wrote this was genius he speaks to the truth of the many religious leaders teachings and how they have been perhaps misunderstood and why.

I still don’t really have all the answers an also have read many other books like “the four agreements” By Don Miguel Ruiz which explained how we go from the Divine confident little babies born into this world and how we are then domesticated into the human beings we turn in to by our parents and then by the beliefs and rules we continue as adults. Then there is one of my all-time favorites “The Celestial Bar” By Tom Youngholm, which despite being fiction describes what I believe to be why we are born in to the situations we are born into. And that we have all picked the general battles we will fight and the lessons we chose to learn in this life long before we are born into it. It explained a lot about unfounded fears and about the need for finding balance of all of our natures Intellectual Spiritual Physical and Emotional.

And until our expiration day I am sure we will continue to search for the answers to these questions to me the biggest sin is settling into an existence without wanting to know about how we work and how we could make thing better which was best displayed in the movie “I AM” By Tom Shadyack Director of “Bruce Almighty” And “The Nutty Professor”.  However it may be a long time before many will be thinking along these lines but if I could direct the curious spirit in the right direction my existence here has been well worth it.