The best tropical vacations may not be located at the best-known five star beach resorts, as they have become much like visiting Disney world instead of a remote location to enjoy the white powder beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. In the past people would flee from the snowy winters of Chicago, and Fargo North Dakota to enjoy the semi private beaches of Cancun and Cozumel. This of course was over thirty years ago, and presently these resort areas have become densely over crowded by their popularity.

If you do want to know about the the best tropical vacations, then the question now that should be asked is where is Tulum Mexico. The answer is it is a remote area just about seventy miles south of Cancun Mexico known as the Village of Tankah, and it still has that undisturbed natural landscape that other parts of Mexico started out as in decades past. You will not find bright neon lights, and a plethora of speed boats cluttering the ocean front properties along the beach, but you may run into a few migrating White Egrets that have come south to enjoy the perfect weather during the frost bitten months of the year in the United States.

If you love birds, and other forms of wildlife then Tulum will definitely be your cup of tea, as there are raccoons, wild turkeys, Caguama turtles, toucans, iguanas, geckos, and hermit crabs to enjoy watching in their natural habitat. Not too from Tulum is the second largest nature reserve in Mexico that is home to over three hundred and forty different species of birds. During the summer, the turtles make their way up the beaches to lay their eggs, and you will find many making their journey at night as you stroll down the beach.

Activities such a day trips on boats to go fishing or just enjoy the Tankah Bay are available, scuba equipment rental, and classes are available, plus of course the bay area is known for some of the best snorkeling in the country due to the crystal clear blue waters, and white sand ocean floor. Generally, people who bring their families to Village Tankah, or Tulum Mexico are not looking a lot of activities but as a time to rejuvenate, and rekindle the unity and strength of the entire family.

For those interested in history, one of the largest Mayan temples ever built is very close to the coastline, and is a very popular attraction to explore for days on end.