Tunisia, is an arab Maghreb  country situated on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. It is the northernmost African country and the smallest of the nations situated along the Atlas mountain range. bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east . Around 40 percent of the country is composed of the Sahara desert in the south, with much of the remainder consisting of particularly fertile soil, and a 1300 km coastline.

Map of tunisia

Tunis is the capital of both the Tunisian Republic and the Tunis Governorate. It is Tunisia's largest city, with a population of 728,453 as of 2004; the greater metropolitan area holds some 2,412,500 inhabitants.

Many people ask where is Tunisia but More than 7 million tourists per year visit this country and many are repeat visitors, happy to have discovered the delights of this small slice of North Africa for themselves. Tunisia is an eclectic mix of Muslim and secular, East-meets-West, traditional and progressive, offering a taste of the Arabic culture yet just a stone’s throw from home.

Tunisian desert
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Islam is the religion of about 99% of the population in Tunisia. It is also the religion of the State according to the Constitution. Such poles of religious learning, as Zeitouna Mosque in Tunis and the city of Kairouan, have for centuries provided enlightened and progressive interpretations of Islam to the world.

Tunisia Tourist towns


Located in the Southwest corner of the Cap Bon to 64 Km south of the capital, Hammamet is one of the main tourist destinations for tourists a.

The weather is mild in summer. The city is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, flora jasmine, orange trees and palms .

The city offers a wide range of hotels organisants luxurious boat trips, horseback rides or camel, spa, tennis, beach volleyball and many other activities


Monastir is a small town and resort of 40,000 people in the Sahel region. Like its neighbor Sousse, it primarily offers tourism and sea bathing beaches

Monastir has an ideal location for anyone wishing to explore the other Tunisian cities. Only 20 km from Sousse, Tunisia's third largest city. 50 km from Mahdia, one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Monastir is also the hometown of Habib Bourguiba, leader of the independence of Tunisia and president from 1957 to 1987. You will probably be tempted to visit his mausoleum in the city center with its dome and its two golden minarets of 25 meters.


Tozeur is a small town in Tunisia, south west near the Algerian border. If you had already visited the Tunisian coastal cities, you'll discover in Tozeur  a completely different world with its nature, its landscapes, its oases, the Sahara, mountains, canyons and clay brick buildings, a tourism entirely different but no less enjoyable.