Where is the cast of Malcolm in The Middle Now?Credit: the1secondfilm (cc)Credit: the1secondfilm (cc)

"Malcolm in the Middle" is one of those sitcoms that hurt to let go of. It's hard to think of a more perfect depiction of lower-middle class family life in the West, complete with torturous siblings, outlandish scenarios for growing boys, and an alpha mom only slightly buffered by a well-meaning but enabling dad. Hal's changed form, mixing up meth in a trailer somewhere in the desert (on the set of Breaking Bad), but where are the other cast members that stole our hearts for seven glorious seasons?

1. Malcolm.
Sharing a love of cars with the awkward genius Malcolm, actor Frankie Muniz has all but retired from TV and film for life on the racetrack - and he's not half bad. With only one season of his claim to fame released on dvd though, the misfired inspirations glittering in his eyes from seasons two onward can only be caught sporadically wherever "Malcolm in The Middle" is airing in syndication.
2. Reese.
Not unlike the maniacal and at times strangely sensitive character he played, Justin Berfield has entrepreneurial endeavors on the brain. He's gone on to produce "Blonde Ambition" in addition to his acting efforts. His production company has also prepared "Garcia", and "Who is Doris Payne?" for the silver screen.
3. Dewey.
Erik Per Sullivan has left the vulnerable, reluctant prankster Dewey and any potential carbon copies of the role on the shelf since the close of the show's last season, opting instead for a mostly off-Hollywood path in the footsteps of Sir Muniz (to some extent). He's held small roles in "The Cider House Rules", "Christmas with the Kranks", as well as done animated voiceover for "Finding Nemo," but Erik's excursion away from entertainment has revolved around his family's restaurant "The Alamo" and a focus on education.
4. Francis.
Christopher Masterson, who played the oft-banished family mastermind has gone onto several roles in film, playing an odd and no doubt socially inept inventor of the genius variety (peering at the world through a lense of serious paranoia) in "Intellectual property," a newly wounded wanderer abandoning marriage to the wrong girl for a chance expedition in the heart of Nicaragua in "The Art of Travel," and a man with his guitar fighting to stay alive in the pre-apocalyptic short film: "Impulse".
5. Lois.
The award-winning Jane Kaczmarek has continued to do quite a bit on camera, including playing a recurring guest role as Ted Danson's ex-wife on "Help me, Help you". The show was unfortunately cancelled after 9 episodes, but while it aired, her character exhibited the alpha tendencies we know and love, like those in Jane's "Malcolm In The Middle" days.