Where it all started...

               Years ago before we ever went to the moon or even before the Second World War, the great depression hit like a storm, families struggled in these hard economic times to eat or afford a pair of shoes. At this point in history families purely ate for survival and sometimes didn’t even get that much. Men, women, and children were not getting the vitamins they needed and due to the unfortunate issue their height is a big issue compared to any other generation. For Example the average measurements for a woman in the 1920’s were 31-20-32. Most people don't eat enough which made them malnourished and sadly enough it is  not uncommon for an infant or toddler to pass away from this, babies are often borne small and would not get enough to eat, and would be exposed to different types of sicknesses and this was undoubtedly very tragic. Even though this was a terrible time there was a good side of it, there isn't any type of convenience stores, or fast food establishments yet. In the 1920’s many people were yet to own cars they used bikes and/or walked place to place. House wives worked all day at cleaning, cooking, or taking care of the kids or their husband, There was no dishwasher, vacuüm cleaners, washer, dryer, and so the cleaning women would finish everyday , these women obviously burned some major calories. Since the recession taking over wealth  is a very important value,  because of this overweight women are more beautiful than skinny women instead of being equal.  At the end of this era women’s beauty magazines and cleaning magazines had diet menus for getting a slim figure. Exercise was not introduced yet though because doctors thought it would hurt women’s chances of having children.

               The Second World War broke out in September of 1939, Pearl harbor in 1941 was when America knew it was time to act. When American’s started being drafted supplies on food and everything from clothing material, to rubber were running low, when this occurred America introduced rationing. Rationing had taken the amount of calories; clothing, gas, and anything else that everyone needed to live and made sure everyone had received the same amount of these products. Due to rationing on food, such as sugar, butter, meat, eggs, and more; this era had the all-time low in heart disease. The average measurements of women in the 1940’s was 33-21-33, women had also on average grown taller. The government had kids getting three pints of milk a week, to promote strong bones. Through this era people had received the nutrition they needed and were in my opinion it was one of the healthiest eras in history.

               The sixties were the turn of the century for food, fast food joints had gotten more and more popular through the 1950’s and processing food was the new way to make money. The only jobs people are responsible for was how fast the food is out. It is uncool for kids to play outside and normal for them to have a coach potato life style. More families use a car for going the smallest distances. Cleaning machines had house wives relieved from their duties, like vacuums, and washing machines. Their waist lines grew as well to 34-24-35. Baseball fields and other play grounds for the kids were later sold to make room for houses in the rising economy, from the lack of exercise children are achieving government workers are astonished by the strike in obesity rates.

               Introducing in the eighties every sweet, salty, and fatty snack you could find. Soda was even given a makeover because of high costs of sugar, sugar is now off  the ingredients list and high fructose corn syrup was now part of the family. Eating three meals a day was no longer custom, eating with family was no longer as common. Food establishments started to make “health foods” such as cereal, breakfast bars, drink, and more that  had huge amounts of sugar and refined flour. Kids were uncool if they played outside it was more attractive to them to play on gaming systems. Women had dish washers and all types of vacuums were now available in selective colors even to match your decor. The average measurements by this time were 35-24-37; the “pear body shape” was getting more and more popularity, because of the increase in processed foods.

               Its thirty years later and we have shown everyone historical records for obesity, our technology started to get better so some genius (sarcastically said) “Hey if we can do this with television, video games, microwaves, and anything else let’s try making more money with food and make it bigger, cheaper, and get it on the shelves faster, nobody took in to count the health risks that come along with that. So processing everything and putting more fillers, or sugar, salt, and fat in our food, made them more money it didn’t matter. Tell me this everyone how is it okay for our milk to have “acceptable amounts” of radiation but it’s not okay for us to drink raw milk?