Are you travelling to Sihanoukville but are unsure of where to stay? Then this article is for you. Surrounded on three sides by the Bay of Thailand, Sihanoukville boasts a number of excellent accommodation options.


Sihanoukville is all about pristine beaches, relaxation and great bars and restaurants. And with rooms and beach-side bungalows ranging in price from free to over $1,000 a night, it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect accommodation to suit your lifestyle – if you shop around.  


Here is a summary of the options available to help you choose the best location for your Sihanoukville guesthouse, hotel or hostel:


Serendipty/Occhetural Beach  

With a wicked white sandy beach, great bars, restaurants, guest houses, tour agencies and excellent shopping, the 4km strip between Serendipty and Occhetural beach has almost anything anyone might need to have a fantastic holiday.Serendipity Beach SihanoukvilleCredit:


For the budget travelers, barbecues are held on the beach every night with prices starting at only $3 USD for a main. Most bars offer $0.50 happy hour beers, bargain cocktails and comfy seats.


A little bit more expensive but no less value-for-money, great Western and Asian food can be had at places such as The Big Easy and Monkey Republic (a haven for backpackers looking to escape the heat).


By day, the beach is relatively chilled with sun loungers lining the shore, the odd jet ski and banana boat ride passing by; by night, the strip of beach between Serendipity and Occhetural can be equally relaxing.


As famous for its sunset – best enjoyed with cheap happy-hour drinks – as its clubbing options, this wonderful piece of beach suits all brand of traveler.


Victory Hill  

The word on the street is this area has fallen slightly out of favour with the backpacker crowd – and it shows. A ghost town compared to Serendipity, Victory Hill nevertheless offers a slower pace of life and some excellent budget accommodation.


Victory Beach SihanoukvilleCredit: www.manversusworld.comTake a short walk down the hill to Victory Beach and you will find a pleasant, white sandy beach. Although Victory offers less beach-side bars than Serendipity, the ones it does have do still provide a good selection of food and drink.


And with one of the best sun-sets in town, a holiday in Victory Hill, Sihanoukville, is best enjoyed with a cold drink as you watch boats cruise past.


Otres Beach  

Less boisterous and developed than Serendipity but located along the same beautiful piece of coast, Otres' white sand beach and beach side restaurants are great for those looking for a slightly quieter holiday.


Offering a more leisurely and relaxed atmosphere but with most local amenities, Otres’ sun beds are just as inviting as anywhere else in Sihanoukville and there are windsurfing lessons and paddle board hire available.  Otres Beach SihanoukvilleCredit:


Independence Beach

With only a couple of hotels, Independence Beach is a good place to escape the crowds of Serendipity. This small sandy beach-front strip has beach chairs, umbrellas and a small number of bars with BBQ seafood stalls – but what more could you need on your Cambodian holiday?


Sokha Beach 

A private beach owned by the Sokha Resort Hotel, this is one of the quietest beaches in the area.  Access to the resort’s well-groomed sea-front pool, fitness centre and lobby can be gained for a small fee if you are not a hotel guest.  You are most likely to avoid the beach sellers and beggars here.    


Island Beaches  

You don't have to go far in Sihanoukville to find out about the many bungalow options available at one of the nearby islands.  Often the return boat trip can be tagged onto a night at your own private beachside bungalow and most resorts have a bar/restaurant and tour options available.  


Island life - SihanoukvilleCredit:


Guesthouses in Cambodia’s wonderful coastal town of Sihanoukville are plentiful and budget friendly for every kind of traveller. True, there are more options than most places – and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – but you can’t go far wrong with this useful guide.


Be warned, though, the warm water, great bars and restaurants and relaxing vibe of Sihanoukville may mean you end up staying a lot longer than you originally planned. 


Getting there:

After a couple of days exploring the capital, a 3-4 hour bus can take you from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville.  

To get from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville, buses must pass through Phnom Penh. Although this can be purchased as one ticket, you may have to change buses. Ask your bus driver or travel agent for details.