Nothing could be more invigorating than working up a sweat and exercising in the great outdoors. With pure oxygen, sights of natural beauty, oceans and/or the mountains, it really doesn't get much better. One of the most enjoyable workouts is hiking. Whether an accomplished backpacker that has circled the Earth for the best trails, or a novice hiker who is just looking to break a sweat outside, many hiking trails have alternatives to oblige every intensity. From miles of smooth grounds to tiring, uphill battles, here are the best hiking trails in the U.S.

  1. Ewoldsen Trail in Big Sur, CA – For the most enlightening hiking with many picturesque stops, the Ewoldsen Trail offers ocean and canyon views, redwood forests, elevation gain and lush greenery throughout the year. The famous McWay Falls is just across the street from the foot of the trail and makes for an eye-catching rest stop after the hike. Visitors can look forward to crossing bridges, redwood groves, steep switchback climbs, and maybe a possible sighting of a California condor.
  2. Breakneck Ridge Trail in the Hudson Highlands State Park, NY – This trail makes for a stony ascent from the river up to a rocky ridge where hikers have a view of beautiful panoramas. Must-see attractions comprise of views of the stony ridges, Hudson River, Catskill Mountains and Spring and Summer wildflowers.
  3. Glacier Gorge in the Rocky Mountain National Park, CO – Neighbors believe the area to be one of the most beautiful spots in the park with magnificent scenery, wildflowers, flowing waterfalls and lakes.
  4. Beach Trail at the Torrey Pines State Reserve, CA – The state park is a favorite among residents for its trails that look over the cliffs of Torrey Pines and the copious amounts of wildlife that live at the reserve. Hikers are in awe of the ocean views, along with sights of paragliders above.
  5. Appalachian Trail: The Pinnacle in Hamburg, PA – Hikers will get remarkable views of the Lehigh Valley, Hawk Mountain, Blue Rocks, and some of the most excellent views of Pennsylvania. Be mindful of rocky paths and forested mountain trails and don't forget to pack all of your outdoor gear in case you find youself needing to use a Leatherman tool or compass.