One of the newer crazes to hit the internet is the adoption of virtual babies or SimBabies online. Just like virtual pets, a virtual baby needs to be loved and taken care of fairly often if you would like it to end up being well-behaved. Here are a bunch of fun websites to find your own virtual baby to adopt.

This is an awesome site with over 740,000 players! You can easily create your baby to look any way that you want as well as dress them, feed them, and play with them. It is important to keep you cupboard stocked to make sure baby has everything they need when they need it and you can even design your own baby clothes to sell in your boutique! There are gardens to tend to and even a nursery to visit if you want more than one baby. A fun and addicting site that awards points to good parents.

This is another fairly popular site where you can adopt a virtual baby. It is your job to feed your baby and take lovingly good care of it. Buy it toys and play with it. This site also offers contests for your baby to enter. Be sure to check in often however to make sure your baby is happy and well cared for. is another great place to adopt your virtual Simbaby. Bar graphs that are right on the front page keep you informed of exactly how content your virtual baby is. It tells you if they are tired, hungry and happy. You can "shop" for your baby and make friends. They also have Cutie contests or a way to judge others babies which pays you "baby money" that will enable you to buy more for your own virtual baby. A fun interactive site.

This too is a very popular site if you are looking to adopt a virtual baby. While it is currently under construction as of this writing, it is expected to be up very shortly. Another site where you can interact with other "parents" and can look forward to tending to your child on an addictive basis.