Thinking of building a blog and wondering which blogging service is best? They each have advantages and disadvantages. In order to assist you with making a decision, some information has been gathered together to help you compare the different service providers and hopefully let you make a more informed choice for your needs.

Blogger (no cost)

This is a free hosted service. This is an older service with a lot of users online. To set up your blog and get started takes less than 15 minutes and you are ready to go. You can be a novice to blogging and easily navigate through their system. The more professional bloggers don’t really use blogger because of the limited capabilities for utility and performance.

Blogware ($8 to $15)

Blogware differs from most blog services primarily because of how you purchase it. When you purchase it you buy it from a reseller so prices and bundles will differ. With blogware making key variations or changes will be difficult. However, there are many preferences to select from for blogware.

Expression engine ($150 to -$200)

This blog service is more than simple blogging software. It’s similar to a content management system. The service includes image galleries and other tools for creating blog content. The price is high because you are buying an easy to use program.

Moveable content ($70 to $200)

This one is difficult to set up and to use for blogging. If you are not tech savvy, this one is not for you. The only disadvantage is with each update to your blog, you must rebuild it. You can do anything you want with this service but you must be a techie.

Typepad ($5 to $15)

Three separate variations are available. Basic, plus and pro which varies with price. Typepad is popular and works very well if you are a journalist style blogger. Most of these types of bloggers don’t vary the layout or format of their blog very much. If you would like to customize, most bloggers find it difficult with typepad.

WordPress (free)

WordPress is another free blogger service that is very popular. In addition to being free it’s also commanding. Many professionals utilize WordPress because of all of the customizations that can be done to this blog as well as using third party plugins. With this blogging service you can use their free ware or add this software to a different host. Some even offer it as one click software to their host.

This is a brief overview of blogging software available if you are considering building a blog. For more detailed descriptions of the services provided for each blog host, visit their website.

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