There is nothing more annoying than ants invading your home, and invading your kitchen. How frustrating is it when you try every household ingredient known to man, yet carpenter ants continue to come back? It is highly recommended that you try using advance carpenter ant bait to kill ants for good. After all you want to kill the queen of the nest. If the queen dies, then there goes the ants. Using advance carpenter ant bait is probably your best way of removing carpenter ants for good. Carpenter ants are pesky ants that differ from termites. Carpenter ants can live indoors and outdoors.

Carpenter ants come from moist parts of tree branches or wherever there is wood that's moist. Use can use advance carpenter ant bait to kill ants outdoors or indoors. There are some common things you should know first before using advance carpenter ant bait. There are some ways to help prevent carpenter ants from returning as well. Easier said than done, they're pesky ants that seem to find their way into your home wherever they find moisture and wood. Let's take a look at the ways to get rid of ants for good.

What attracts Carpenter Ants

The black carpenter ants are the ones that get inside of your home. Carpenter ants don't feed on wood, but they carve their way through wood and into your homes. They might enter through window cracks, decks, or porches. Wherever there is likely to be moisture is where carpenter ants come from. When they find food spills and sugar, then that is what they look to feed on. Carpenter ants usually invade during the spring time. If you're having carpenter ants in the winter, then you have a nest somewhere inside your home.

The best ways to prevent carpenter ants is by keeping a dry area indoors and outdoors as best as you can. Wet wood is what attracts carpenter ants. Check for leaks or cracks. Use plastic covers for windows. Carpenter ants like to find their way into your home through windows. Keep your house clean and dry. Giving a thorough clean of your kitchen to eliminate food spills can help prevent ants. If you have a log cabin, then you could really be a target for carpenter ants. Cut tree branches that are too close to your house. If you have a fire place, then store wood outside in the gargage, away from your house.

How to use Advance Carpenter Ant Bait to Kill Ants

Using advance carpenter ant bail is pretty simple. You sprinkle the granular advance carpenter ant bait wherever the ants are appearing, and then wait for them to take the bait back to the nest. The active ingredient found is abamectin B, containing 0.011%. The ant bait won't kill ants right away, it has a delayed reaction. That way it can manifest to each of the ants in the nest and kill all the ants at once. It's probably your best and easiest way of killing all the ants at once.

You should keep advance carpenter ant bait away from children and pets. Do not put advance carpenter ant baits around the floor area for kids and pets to get into. Otherwise, you can apply the advance carpenter ant bait anywhere inside your house, or outdoors to kill carpenter ants. Advance carpenter ant bail will also kill fire ants, worker ants, Argentine ants, and Pharoah ants. There aren't too many ants that advance carpenter ant bait wont kill.

Household Ingredients that Remove and Kill Ants

There are some quick and safe ways to kill ants. They're not as effective as killing ants like using advance carpenter ant bait, but you can use safe household ingredients that will kill ants. First thing to use that's safe for pets and children is vinegar. Ants absolutely hate vinegar. Vinegar will kills ants right away and can help prevent them from coming back. The smell keeps them away. So you can zap a lot of carpenter ants with vinegar and kill them instantly. The bad part is you won't kill the entire nest of carpenter ants.

Another popular and really effective method is using cornmeal. Sprinkle some cornmeal, maybe mixed with some sugar to attract ants. If they try to eat the cornmeal, they'll die. Carpenter ants can't digest cornmeal. Borax is another alternative to killing ants. Remember, borax can kill pets and children, so keep away from them at all times. Another safer home ingredient that can be used in getting rid of ants is cinnamon. Ants don't like cinnamon and it tends to keep them away.

Where to buy Advance Carpenter Ant Bait

You can buy advance carpenter ant bait in the gel form or granular form, whichever you prefer. You can buy advance carpenter ant bait online for cheap prices at ebay, parsons pest control, ace pestcontrol products, and amazon. Prices will keep you below $20 dollars for an 8 ounce of advance carpenter ant bait. If you're looking for a large volume of advance carpenter ant bait, you can buy 2 lbs at store.doyourownpestcontrol for just $49.95 of the granular form.

Alternative ways to get rid of Ants

If advance carpenter ant bait doesn't do the trick in killing ants, then your last option is to call an ant exterminator. It might cost some money to use an ant exterminator, but if you have a real problem with carpenter ants, then that is your last and most effective option. They'll remove any nests in your home and likely kill ants for good. Check the local pages for an ant exterminator if needed.