Wondering Where to Buy Agave Nectar?

These Options Should Have You Covered

There are many places a person can go when looking where to buy agave nectar.  Agave nectar is a natural sweetner that is extracted from the Blue Agave plant.  It is commonly used as a substitute for sugar, artificial sweeteners, or syrup in many foods and beverages.  If you're wondering where to buy agave nectar, there are many different options, depending on your location and shopping preferences.

Local Grocery Store
It is becoming more common to find agave nectar at your local grocery store, which is why I would start here.  It can usually be found with the organic foods, or with the other syrup products, depending on the grocery store.  Add it to your shopping list so you remember to look for it the next time you go grocery shopping.  If you can't find it, ask one of the employees.

Organic Food Stores and Co-Ops
If your local grocery store doesn't carry agave nectar, your best bet might be looking at organic food stores or co-ops in your area.  Since these stores specialize in carrying organic products, they are likely to have agave nectar.  If it's a co-op, you'll likely have to become a member to shop there, which costs a fee.  It generally isn't too expensive, but it really depends on how much shopping you think you'll do there, to determine if it's worth it.

If you can't find agave nectar at any of your local grocery stores, or simply prefer shopping online, you can find many different types of agave nectar at Amazon.com (affiliate link).  The prices range from about $5 - $50, depending on the brand and how much of the product you buy.  Doing a simple search for agave nectar returns over 1,500 results on this site, so it's a good bet they have what you're looking for.  It's also great because you can compare prices and read customer reviews of the products, which can help determine which one to buy.

Another option if you prefer to shop online is www.agavenectar.com.  It contains a lot of useful information about agave nectar, as well as recipes and a wholesale store.  After going to the homepage, click on the Wholesale Store link to view their products and prices.  Buying agave nectar from this site will likely be a little more expensive than using Amazon.com, but it is another option for those interested.

If you're wondering where to buy agave nectar, the four options listed above should have you covered, depending on where you live and your shopping preferences.