Antique Clocks!

There are many places you can buy antique collectible clocks that need no repair online. There is a large selection of these clocks you can buy, from grandfather mantels, banjos, china clocks, skeleton, swinging arm clocks, and much more. It is important to know the different in each antique clock so you can buy the one you really want, and it's also important to understand different clock parts and supplies because these clocks sometimes need to be repaired

Types of Antique Clocks

Here are just a few examples of the type of antique clocks you can buy used, information courtesy of

Atmos Clock - So called because changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature supply continual winding power to the movement, keeping the clock running for long periods of time without attention.

Balloon Clock, or Shelf Clock - A shelf clock whose case is shaped in a form similar to the hot-air balloons of the late 18th century.

BThe Banjo ClockCredit: www.antiqueclockspriceguide.comanjo Clock - A wall clock whose shape is reminiscent of a banjo. The shape derived from a new type of clock patented in 1802 by Simon Willard of Roxbury, Massachusetts (USA). Originally known as the "Improved" or "Patent" Timepiece, the term "banjo" was applied in more modern times. Original 19th century banjo clocks are highly prized by collectors.

Anniversary or 400-Day Clock - A clock that needs winding approximately once per year. Clocks that could run for a year were made as early as the 17th century, but it was not until 1829 that an American inventor patented a special type of pendulum that required very little power, making small 400 day clocks feasible. Called a torsion pendulum, it consists of a thread suspending a weight which rotates horizontally in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Often placed under a glass dome, these clocks gained popularity in the 1880's when they were produced by many European factories.

Calendar Clock (Shelf, Wall, Longcase) - A clock that shows the date. May show day, month and year or any combination thereof. Double-dial calendar clocks are ususally wall clocks with a round calendar dial which is placed seperately under the time dial.

China or Porcelain Clock (Shelf)- A clock with a case made entirely out of pottery or porcelain. The case was usually manufactured by one company and the movement made by another, as in the case of a Royal Bonn (Germany) case with Ansonia (U.S.A.) works. You may find the case manufacturer's mark on the bottom or back of the case, but they are not always marked.

Cuckoo (Shelf, Wall) - A clock which houses a small cuckoo bird figurine that emerges from a small door at the top to announce the hours and half hours with its "cuck-oo" call, usually accompanied by a gong.

Novelty (Shelf) - Popular, somewhat all inclusive term for a large variety of small clocks, usually in a case that portrays a "theme" (such as a nautical, military or western motif), current events, comic characters, unusual materials or functions, or other inventive or fanciful styles. May incorporate animated movement, an electric lamp, a unique style of pendulum, etc.

Grandfather Clock (Longcase) - Slang term for a floor-standing, longcase clock, derived from a song composed by an American songwriter around 1875. The song begins with the words: "Oh my grandfather's clock was too tall for the shelf so it stood ninety years on the floor. It was taller by half than the old man himself, though it weighed no a pennyweight more..." and ending with the lyrics: "the clock stopped, never to run again, when the old man died." Over a million coThe Grandfather ClockCredit: www.antiqueclockspriceguide.compies of sheet music for the song were sold. The term "grandfather" clock became firmly rooted in the public's vernacular and has been used ever since to refer to longcase clocks.

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How To Get Your Antique Clock Repaired

Unless you are an expert, I wouldn't recommend repairing your clock by yourself, it can be very tricky to do so. When all else fails, you need to find a good clock repair shop in your town or closest area. Remember that clock restoration is very important and you must treat your clock with kind care!

I hope you enjoyed this list of the different types of antique clocks and where to buy antique clocks online.