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For the true football lover, no gift could bring more pleasure than an autographed football helmet or jersey from one of their favorite players. These make interesting conversation pieces and can be a lot of fun when friends come over to watch the game on the big screen. Whether you want to buy these items for yourself, or as a gift for a guy in your life, where can you go about buying them? Although you may find some of these items available in your local sporting goods store, you may find a better selection by shopping online. Listed below are some of the websites that you may want to check out. Remember that the selection of items, and the prices quoted, will change frequently. I have just listed them here in order to give you an idea of what you may expect to pay.

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Autographed Footballs from is a website that sells one of the largest selections of sports memorabilia that I have found online, including autographed balls, posters, photographs, and more. As a sample of what they have available, you can buy an Eli Manning NFL Duke Football for around $500. A Rex Grossman NFL football is available for under $100.

Autographed Footballs from also sells a nice selection of autographed balls, with prices ranging from around $200 to well over $1000, depending on the value of the autograph. For example, a signed Johnny Unitas football currently has an asking price of around $1225, and only a few are available. A Peyton Manning signed football is available for around $450.

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Although the selection of authentic team football helmets from Steiner Sports is small, it is possible to buy full size helmets with the NY Giants logo for about $350. None of the helmets currently displayed on their website are signed, but their product line does change.

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Autographed replica football helmets are available from, and they have a nice selection of helmets to choose from. For example, a Joe Namath helmet replica sells for under $450. A Tom Brady New England Patriots full size Riddell Helmet sells for nearly $900. Other helmets are available in prices starting as low as $225.

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Steiner Sports also sells signed jerseys. Most of them are available for around $250 to $500. However, a Franco Harris autographed Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey sells for around $550. An Eli Manning signed authentic New York Giants White Jersey with SB XLII patch sells for about $750, and only a few of them were left as of this writing.

Autographed Jerseys from sells autographed jerseys at prices that are quite competitive with Steiner Sports. Their Ray Lewis jersey with a SB XXXV MVP inscription is available for a little over $500. A Johnny Unitas uniform has an asking price of nearly $2000. Darren McFadden's signed jersey can be purchased for under $250.

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You will want to check several websites to see what they are asking for different items. Prices vary widely, and sometimes items are on sale.  A good place to look for collectibles for all sports is and many of the items they sell are extremely affordable ... especially compared to the other sites. 

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You may also want to call the corporate headquarters of your favorite local teams to see if a local sporting goods store or similar business carries these items, or if you can purchase them directly from the team through a catalogue or website.

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