Designer Clothes If you are looking to start your own small business or boutique selling high end name brand authentic designer clothes you will need to know first and foremost where you can buy authentic wholesale designer clothes in order to resale them to the public. Buying wholesale designer clothes is easy if you know where to start.

If you have your business plan down and are ready to make a few purchases to stock up your inventory you will need to first make sure that you have your sellers permit. None of the vendors for authentic designer clothes will allow you to buy without one. You will have to check with your county office on how to obtain a sellers permit and business license, make sure you have these items ready when contacting or meeting with vendors for the first time.

You will need to be approved by vendors before you are able to buy their authentic designer merchandise by phone or over the internet. If you know what specific designer items you would like to sell you can try contacting them directly for applications. This is not recommended if you are brand new to buying wholesale however.

If you have just started your business and this will be your first time buying authentic wholesale designer clothes you will need to make a trip to your closest major city: LA, Dallas, New York. It may seem like much if you are not close to these areas but this is a crucial step in setting up accounts with vendors who sell the designer clothes you are looking for. Here is why: These major cities are basically headquarters for these companies that you will be buying authentic wholesale designer clothes from. You will want to meet with them to set up an account and to look at their collections to see what you like and what you would like to carry in your store. Some of these authentic designer companies are set up permanently at locations in various cities and can be visited often but most are there temporarily during what is known as "market week". Market week is when all the major vendors come together in a large city to show their seasonal items, market occurs usually four times a year: fall, winter, summer, and spring allowing you to view their seasonal collections of designer clothes. It is at this time that you can browse different vendors and decide which lines you would like to carry in your new store or boutique.

In order to find when market week will occur in the city closest to you, you could contact a vendor that you would like to buy wholesale designer cloths from and they could let you know or you could look up the information on the following cities:

LA Market Week

Dallas Market Week

Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas Magic Market

New York: Fame

Once you decide which is closest to you book your trip, this is a key step in starting your business and once you have established these accounts you will likely be able to place orders over the phone or through the internet. It can be overwhelming the first visit but it is a lot of fun, you may even find lines you didn't know existed and would like to carry!

Most vendors will have a minimum buy in when purchasing authentic wholesale name brand items. This can be negotiated and broken up over multiple orders; especially if you tell them you have just opened and are unsure of what will sell and what wont.

Some vendors may require that you have other established accounts in good standing before they will allow you to buy authentic wholesale designer clothes from their company. If so don't worry once you have purchased from a few other companies you can re-apply and list the other companies/vendors as references. This process won't take long!

If you are not close to any of these cities you could call the companies that you are most interested in buying authentic wholesale designer clothing from and ask them what other options they have available. Again, they may allow you to make your first purchase over the phone or they may be able to inform you of a trade show that will be closer to where you are.

Always remember, it is never a good idea to buy wholesale designer items from overseas unless you are 100% positive that you are buying authentic merchandise. It is hard to believe that you will be able to find authentic designer clothing for lower than the actual companies wholesale price unless it is fake, so be careful! In buying and reselling authentic wholesale designer clothes you are creating a high standard name for your business that you won't want to jeopardize, buying direct is the safest way to do business.