Buying baseball tickets can be easy depending upon what stadium a fan wants to attend. It is sometimes difficult to obtain tickets to the most popular stadiums such as that of the New York Yankees or the Chicago Cubs. Getting tickets for other teams is much easier and tickets are usually still available in the ticket office, depending on the game, even on the day of the game.

Each team has an online website where tickets may be purchased. It is wise to first check with the online ticket office to familiarize yourself with the price of tickets, the availability of tickets, and the location of seats. Tickets purchased through the team's website or at the ticket office at the stadium are usually the same price according to the area of the ballpark. This means that one would pay the same price to sit in a seat to watch a game against a very good team as one would pay to sit in that same seat against a very bad team.

Tickets may also be purchased online at places such as StubHub. This website allows fans to buy and sell tickets. Fans set their own price for the tickets. The website also shows where those seats are in the stadium. These tickets should be purchased in advance so that they may be mailed to the buyer of the tickets.

Tickets may also be purchased at the stadium before the game. Ticket scalpers, also known as ticket re-sales, are common outside of ballpark around the country. Tickets offered by these people may be marked up to extreme prices depending upon the game and depending upon how much time is left before the game starts. The closer it is to the first pitch and the less important the game is, the lower the price of the ticket should be. Negotiating with ticket scalpers is encouraged because they might lower their price.

There are also people called accidental scalpers who can be found outside of stadiums. These people may have bought several tickets for a group of people and some of those people can no longer attend. These people are less likely to mark up the price of the ticket and may even sell the tickets for lower than face value.

The legality of ticket scalping, however, differs in every area, so one should be familiar with the local laws before buying or selling scalped tickets.