Bengal Cat (36621)

For years I have been interested in cats. Yes. You may say that you are a dog person, a fish person, or even a squirrel person. Who knows? But I know that I am a cat person, plain and simple. I have loved cats from the minute I was born and it has been a life-long obsession to own cats and to learn as much about them as possible. When I first came across the Bengal Cat I was hooked. This cat is incredible. It is a sly mix of a domestic and exotic variety which has resulted in a domicile cat with exotic markings. Basically, the Bengal Cat has created the perfect pet cat!

The Bengal Cat is a cross bred hybrid variety composed of a domestic feline cat and the Asian Leopard Cat. These cats were first bred and first studied in the 1920's in Europe. They have since been brought across the big pond to North American and thrive here today as a special breed for cat lovers across the country. The most important thing to remember when finding a Bengal Cat is that you get your cat from a reputable breeder. There are horror stories with these types of cats and improper breeding practices.

If you truly want to find a Bengal Cat then your search should start on the internet. There is simply no better resource than the World Wide Web. All of the information you could ever want concerning a breeder can be found on the internet. When selecting your breeder you should make sure that the cats are free of any genetic health problems. It is painful and frustrating to pay good money for a cat that will come down with health problems and cause your frustration and anger. It is also very good practice to ensure that the breeder you select takes good care of their animals. This may come as a shock to many of your but there really are cat mills where cats are bred solely to make a profit and the quality and safety of the cats falls by the way side. It is also very important to make sure that there is at least 3 generations of breeding from the Asian Leopard cat. If your Bengal cat is any closer to its relative cousin than 3 generations, you may wind up with a cat that is not truly domicile. This could cause frustration and anger with you and your new pet.

All in all, a Bengal cat is a joy to own as a cat lover. You will receive a cat that is not only beautiful to look at, but it gentle and loving and will provide a great home for you and your family.