Why You Should Buy Bulk Cloth Diapers

If you've already made the decision to buy bulk cloth diapers, then you already know of the numerous benefits of skipping cheap diapers and going for reusable cloth ones. You can feel better about your impact on the environment because you're not buying up massive quantities of cheap plastic diapers and contributing to the landfill mountains! Additionally, many parents feel that cloth diapers are just more comfortable and humane for their babies, and don't cause any of the irritation or breathing issues that are common with cheap diapers.

Cheap plastic diapers have a tendency to chafe and irritate your baby's skin, because they don't offer any significant airflow and the cheap plastic can grind against your baby as he or she is moving around and playing.

Buying Bulk Cloth Diapers Online

You can find bulk cloth diapers from a number of different online purveyors. When you are buying bulk cloth diapers online you do have to contest with the usually brief waiting period as your diapers are being shipped. All the same, buying your bulk cloth diapers online is usually your best bet because mass purveyors can operate with lower overhead costs and therefore pass lower prices on to you.

Bulkclothdiaper.com has a friendly and easy to use interface and offers bulk cloth diapers for sale online. Another nice offering is that bulkclothdiaper.com takes not only major credit cards but also paypal payments. If you don't already have a paypal account, you can get one for free and link it up to your bank account, so that you can make your bulk cloth diapers purchase using your checking account.

Cottonbabies.com also offers cloth diapers in mass quantities and also has a couple of nice specials for parents that order several different types of diapers at once. They will even offer free shipping if your order is large enough. This site also offers a number of different kinds of baby clothing and baby fashion items like shoes, toddler clothes, baby suits and colorful baby outfits.

Buying Bulk Cloth Diapers Locally

If you want to support your local industry you can find a purveyor of bulk cloth diapers closer to home and spare yourself the shipping costs. Depending on your purveyor's arrangement, you will probably be paying a bit more to cover their operational costs, but you can offset these costs knowing you're not dropping an extra couple of bucks on shipping and freight charges.

If you or your partner happen to have any skills when it comes to sewing or stitching, you may want to cut out the middle man entirely and go right to the source of bulk cloth like a tailor or importer. Ask if they would be willing to offer you the raw cloth at a discount rate so that you can bring it home and stitch different sheets up into homemade cloth diapers. This will not only give you some pride in crafting an essential need yourself, but it will prevent you from buying bulk cloth diapers to pad someone else's wallet!