Over Stock


In today's economy, everybody is looking for a cheap deal on things from furniture to electronics to clothing and sports equipment. Overstock.com is the place to be if you are looking for any of those items and more.


Overstock.com takes excess inventory from retail stores and sells it for mega-cheap on their website. This gives a win-win situation to the consumer, the price is cheaper and there is no need to lug your self to the local retail store. Everything is shipped directly to your house.


The process is pretty simple. You can either search for a specific item using Overstock's search bar, or you can browse through categories including Furniture, Clothing and Shoes, Electronics, Books, and much more!

What's the Catch?

There really is no catch to Overstock.com. All the products are name-brand quality products. Although some products come as refurbished products. These products have been slightly used by previous users but then have been sent back to a refurbishing plant or to the factory to be cleaned. These products are usually much cheaper than the new product and still have the quality and excellence of the new product. Not all products from Overstock.com are refurbished. All refurbished products are clearly marked as to not cause confusion for consumers like you.

Extra Features

Price Match

Even after Overstock's low prices, they will price match any product if you find a lower priced one online. The Online Price Match service will match any price of the exact same item that you've found online for up to $500. Just press the square purple button on the product page to file a price match claim.


Overstock.com will also ship your entire order for only $2.95. Anything and everything from Overstock will ship to your packages to your front door step for one flat low price with this service. This is just another reason that Overstock beats other online shopping stores like Amazon.

Buying Guides

After all the services Overstock offers; Price Match, $2.95 Shipping, and everyday low prices. They also offer hundreds of clear and insightful buying guides. These buying guides range from laptop buying guides, blender buying guides, to binocular buying guides.

Overstock Auctions

In addition to selling products, Overstock.com also has auctions that are very similar to the auctions found on eBay.

As you can see, Overstock.com is one of the most premier online shopping services. Almost every item you will ever want to buy will be on Overstock.com and now, it will be much cheaper!